Summer Reading 2015: Atypical Behaviour by Linda Turner

This is going to be a boring reading post – it’s a textbook. I know, I know, but I did say I would include the textbooks as technically I am reading.

This counts as ‘reading around my subject’ because it seems we don’t do any more atypical behaviour throughout the rest of my Psychology course. It does go over a few things we’ve already gone through in relation to anxiety disorders with lots of helpful extra information.

But then again, it is a textbook and I find it really hard to keep my focus on non-fiction. Actually, the same could be said for fiction as I unintentionally skim-read every word. So what really happens is that my reading style doesn’t work for non-fiction which is why it’s so difficult to read and I avoid it. When I do skim read, I must read several times back to front for more absorption of information. 

Basically, textbooks and I don’t get along.

Thankfully, it’s thin, which makes this experience less painful, and I also came across some interesting studies that I hadnt read about before. 

One textbook down and another regular sized, thick one to go though. Wish me luck, y’all.


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