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Mini Budget (under £6) Haul! (Although it was a bit hit and miss…)

Today was relatively uneventful. I had a day shift at Clarks. My first three shifts had been good with little complaints, I picked up on things quickly and apparently got good customer feedback (still get nervous about fitting shoes though). Today though, it was relatively busy and there were some critical customers who thought they knew how to use the measuring gauges better than we did, and I was quite sure they had never seen such a thing before. I am grateful for parents who monitor their kids’ shoe sizes and tell us if the measurement may be a bit off, because they know their kids better than we do, but telling a trained fitter that they are measuring wrong isn’t the way to go.

Anyway, after my shift, I browsed around the shopping centre and got a varied little haul:

  • Tea tree pore cleansing strips, which you can find cheap dupes of everywhere now. These were £1.
  • Boots tea tree and witch hazel mask with charcoal. I already have a charcoal wash which isn’t the boots brand so I thought I’d get the mask. It was around £3.59? There isn’t much product compared to the Superdrug mask tubes that are cheaper, though, but Superdrug don’t have any charcoal masks so I took it.
  • I also picked up Rimmel London’s Clear Lip Balm with SPF15. This has been on my wish list  since the bloggers with early samples blogged about them because I have never thought about using SPF for my lips, plus the packaging looked good and the formulation sounded decent (it had better be, because I never spend more than £2 on a lip balm and this was £5.49). Also, is it strange that out of all the products in the new Kate Nude range I was most excited about this? I popped some on my lips ASAP and I think it was worth it – creamy, lasted well and smells/tastes okay. Just in case, I bought this next product to compare…
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Care SPF20. Bought at around £2.89. It smells of regular lip balm sticks, doesn’t taste good on the lips, and has more product so may actually be better value than the Rimmel lip balm which smells ever so slightly sweet. Do I have regrets now? Not really- just gonna have to stop myself from buying any more balms.
  • Why did I even buy lip balm with SPF even though I have never had a sun burn in my life, let alone on my lips?
  • Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Concealer – I just really needed a cheap concealer that I could use under my bb creams. This one looked like it could do the job when I tested it in Superdrug, and it does, although it does get a bit patchy upon application and it takes a bit of blending work to make it look natural without blending into oblivion. I will use it up but I wouldn’t recommend it or repurchase it. It cost me £2.
  • This amazing tee from New Look with a cool-people definition of Unicorn. I am a sucker for these things, plus the colour is so nice! It was on sale, discounted from £9.99 to £5.
  • New look Pure Colour’s eyeshadow pencil in their lightest shade (no name??). Good value although there are probably better ones out there for the price. I should mention that I walked home from work, and it was a warm day, and then I took a shower and by then there were still some remnants of this shadow left so the staying power is not bad.
  • Speaking of which, the swatches on my hand from Collection eyeshadow sticks lasted longer than the famed Rimmel Scandaleyes but I didn’t like the colour of the swatches compared to the Rimmel Beige I wanted. You can never win with makeup.

But anyway, yes, I walked home from work and took the side route. I had three songs from Carly Rae Jepsen on repeat as I walked, because they match well with my walking speed(s) and make me feel all happy and carefree. The songs were Warm Blood, E.Mo.Tion and Run Away With Me… all of which are on her YouTube channel. The weather was unexpectedly really really warm today and I was wearing my all-black work clothes! Walking outside beats the treadmill any day so I might begin doing this more often.


P.S. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my Next Jumbo Lip Crayon, blotted and layered with my Model_Co lip gloss (that I got free with Glamour Magazine months and months ago) lasted a good 7+ hours from application before I left the house to my return. Mind you, I only ate a few snacks that I could pop in my mouth without a mess, and the gloss was very much muted by the time I came home, but the colour survived very well, so that is probably the best staying power I’ve ever seen on my lips.

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