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Small Spot Solutions: Witch Blemish Stick, Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel

 As much as I have seen improvement in my skin recently, this past week I have noticed a handful of hormonal little bumps cropping up which did not make me happy. I’m trying not to touch them at all but the temptation! However, this makes it the perfect time to share the products I’m using right now that help with my other spots (but don’t seem to do anything for the hormonal ones…yet.) 

Witch’s Blemish Stick is usually about £2.50 depending on where you buy it but I spotted it on sale (I know, it’s already a bargain) at Asda for £1.47, so it was picked up right away.

It feels cool when you dab it on, and sometimes I prefer to swipe it lightly rather than dab, and it absorbs really quickly. It’s a pop-up tube that you press up through the bottom, so be careful not to press too hard and pop the whole thing out. You can always press it back in, which I do with a quick jab to my forehead as I’d rather not use my fingers for that. You can also use the dent in the lid for that.

Its small size means I can pop it just about into any pocket or bag – its chunky so not all purse-sized bags – and this means I haven’t once not taken it out with me this week. The instructions say to dab on as often as required, but, as an unspoken rule, only on makeup-less days! It will dab the makeup off otherwise and if you’re applying makeup on top it makes it look a bit patchy. I’m usually makeup-less anyway so this is no problem for me.

The gel stick seems to instantly melt upon contact with my skin. The smell can be a bit strong for some people and when you first use it the sensation of the product on your skin is unusual and takes some getting used to. I can safely say that this stick does prevent the smaller, peskier spots from seeing the light of day, which is great.

Superdrug’s Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel is brilliant for those big red surface swellings I get exactly when I don’t want them. It says redness is reduced in two hours, which I can’t confirm because I use it as part of my night routine. However, the swelling is reduced by about half in the morning and it’s less red as well.

This was one of my brother’s skincare products that I borrowed as an emergency, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so good! I’ve now bought more for each of us as the Deep Action range was on sale for 2 for £4. This is usually £2.57 each.

Both of these products are now permanent fixtures in my skincare routine as they work for the different kinds of spots I get.


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