August 2015 Playlist – The Songs of my Summer

Coincidentally, the releases I have been looking forward to this month are all from different parts of the world (ish).

  1. From the US, Melanie Martinez‘s debut album (everytime she releases ANYTHING you will hear about it from me!) was released on the 14th. ‘Cry Baby‘ is a lovely sickly-sweet (and I mean sick as in creepy, hauntingly and cool-sick) album which just oozes Melanie. Here is the playlist from her Soundcloud – I particularly recommend Mrs. Potato Head and Mad Hatter.

    (Halsey needs a mention here, her stuff is still growing on me but her name is everywhere I look recently and I find myself anticipating her album, Badlands – released the 28th – anyway.)

  2. From Japan, Moumoon released their album, ‘It’s Our Time‘ on the 12th. They previously released a single-album (3 tracks) with the same name but this album has a more fleshed-out 12 tracks including older tracks ‘I’m Scarlet’, ‘Ice Candy’ and ‘Hello, Shooting Star’. This is the interesting lyric video for Cocoon, which I think is their first and only dance-like track.
  3. From Canada, Carly Rae Jepsen released E.MOT.ION on 21st August, and from what I’ve heard of it so far it’s shaping up to be a dreamy, care-free synth-pop album which reminds me of Taylor Swift’s 1989 but with very much a Carly-esque happy vibe to it. This is the audio video for Warm Blood, which has been stuck in my head for days.
  4. From Korea, producer PRIMARY released his second solo album, ‘2’ on the 12th. I’ve mentioned ‘Don’t Be Shy’ which is great for summer evenings, but this one, ‘Hello (ft. Lena Park)’ is about getting your nails done (and how you feel afterwards), has a wonderful retro vibe and is great for you aesthetic lovers.

    (I mean, Girl’s Generation released a new album too but if you like K-Pop at all, then you probably knew that already.)

  5. BEAST have been releasing Japanese singles every month for a while now, and this one, #TBM is on repeat. The video is also quite fun and a bit different!

With a playlist as great as this, summer should never end, rainy or not!


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