Charity Shop Gems: Soap & Glory Body Butter Set

I don’t often buy or use body butters but I do love to have them around. They smell gorgeous, are in pretty coloured tubs, make me feel snuggly and leave me wanting to sleep in my underwear. I have heard many a good thing about Soap & Glory (and their body butters) but I haven’t really felt the need to buy one, especially as I still have two and a half tubs of other body cream things to go through!

However, during my regular browse around the charity shops I came across this cute gift set, completely untouched let alone opened. And it was being sold for £3! (I can’t find it online but my guess is it was worth £7-9?) Here is an excited snap.


They all come in very convenient, 50ml/1.69US Fluid Ounces travel sized tubs. I did open them just to check that they weren’t used (they weren’t) and to have a quick sniff.

The Righteous Butter is the one I read the most about but I think the fruitiness of the Butter Yourself beats it by a long way, and the fresh lime scent of Sugar Crush is also really enticing… I am really looking forward to using  these. I don’t think the Righteous Butter will live up to its blogger hype purely because I don’t have really dry skin so won’t reap the benefits. I probably won’t do a full review, perhaps a snippet on a Weekly Thoughts post but there is not much I can say about body butters.

All that aside, I am happy with the bargain and am very glad to have bought them. No more body butters for me now, though. I would like to use all the ones I have before Christmas, when I am bound to get more!


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