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My Experience Buying from TokyoToys

So, I guess this is a short review of sorts. TokyoToys is a store specialising in anime/manga themed and other Japanese products. They are based in the UK and their website was the first that I checked out when looking for anime-themed items for DD’s birthday.

I made my order – two items plus delivery totaling £27 – and made the payment, so I was expecting the items to arrive within three days max in line with their delivery information. When 5 days had passed I began to worry, and when I visited the website, my shopping cart was still full with the items making me wonder if my order had been processed. Then I checked my bank account and saw that the transaction had gone through. The day after, I sent them an email outlining my concerns. It was Saturday of the Bank Holiday Weekend so I was not expecting a reply until Tuesday. However, the day after, I received a reply.

After emailing them back to tell them what I had ordered, they also replied on Bank Holiday Monday, for which I’m very grateful for  – we returned to school on Friday so I needed those items fast for DD’s Present Time. The items were sent out right away and arrived Thursday morning, good timing as we were giving the gifts to her the next day! She loved them so all is forgiven. (The items were packaged in  a plastic bag and the invoice was literally the names of the items on the sheet of paper with my address on it… Now that there is a store in my city centre I probably won’t order from them online again.)

The problem seems to be a ‘rare, re-occurring error’. Whilst I am really glad that they sent out my order quickly and the customer help was indeed very helpful, I hope they sort out that error quickly.


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