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Review: Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

My Murad Clarifying Cleanser finally ran out! I have been so eagerly waiting for this that I bought my next one like, two weeks ago and it’s been in my drawer on standby…

I’ve been loving the idea of charcoal cleansers after sneakily using my brother’s L’Oreal Men Expert Charcoal Wash. It was really refreshing and my skin felt so great afterwards. The cleanser itself had a dense kind of foam texture and smooth and the scent of cologne (yes, it had fragrance) was light and not-noticable afterwards (important if you’re using Derp’s without asking). Literally, my face was squeaky clean afterwards (possibly not actually a good thing for oily skin as it means all the oils are gone so your face produces more to compensate). He did, however, buy it on sale at £3 when it’s usually £6.

Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is a bit cheaper than that at £4.50 but it delivers almost the same experience. It’s also a gel, which turns into a white foam-ish thing, and smells sweet rather than like cologne. It also contains menthol which is in the L’Oreal wash, so it has that super airy, tingly, refreshing feeling and my skin feels great afterwards. I already prefer it to my Murad cleanser as it doesn’t dry out the skin too much… Of course, this depends on how you normally wash your face.

Honestly, as it is a really deep cleanser I use 1 pump max, massage it a bit in my hands, slather it onto my face and leave it for a minute. It may just be the menthol but I think I can feel it working. It is good for a deep evening cleanse and an even more thorough cleanse at the end of the week, however in the morning I prefer to use something gentler like a cleansing milk as I only need to get rid of excess stuff on my face from my night routine.

What I found interesting is that both products are black due to the charcoal but after adding a bit of water and rubbing it in my hands they both calm to a grey colour and the L’Oreal product becomes a really light colour!

Yes, I would totally recommend this. My brother would recommend it too if it meant I kept my hands off of his stuff!


ETA: I have actually started using this up only once every few days instead of nightly, as my skin doesn’t feel like it needs deep-cleansing every night!

Empty Edit: I am running super low on this now, and would like to add that it means that by using this every two days, I have made this last at least 6 months now! I have also pH-tested this cleanser and you can check out the results here.

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