Summer Reading 2015: The Perks of Being a Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky

I know it’s the end of summer but I found this in the backlog of drafts and didn’t realize I hadn’t posted it yet!

I’d been meaning to take this out for a long long time but could never find it in the school library. I spotted it randomly whilst looking for a final book to borrow for the summer and I swear a light was shining down on it as I reached my hand up to the rotating shelf. 

I started it one night as a little break from Thinking, Fast and Slow (which I still haven’t reached the halfway point for) like when I knit a big project broken up by hats or fingerless mitts or something. I was planning on reading just a few chapters at a time, but that clearly did not happen as I zipped through the entire thing in under a day.

Chbosky writes Charlie’s letters simply, in short sentences that somehow capture the things that go on quite well. It’s not a book of very deep, poetic things, but the simple sentences tell a very complex story. I found myself entirely on Charlie’s side and crying just about as often as he did, keeping back tears for most of the second half of the book.

This book is nothing short of magical and very much redefines teenage life. Mine isn’t over yet but suddenly I feel compelled to do something with it after reading this book.

Would I recommend? Yes. Big stinking yes.


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