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So, it’s been 6 entire days without a blog post – apologies. My stress levels have recently rocketed and I’ve also been struggling to get sleep. Then I found this post in my backlog which is absolutely the most perfect thing I could post right now, and without much more effort since I wrote this last week – my energy levels are non-existent too…

I must admit, I was probably a few stressful school nights away from (edit: I am on the brink of) taking the train to Coffee-All-Nighter-Ville, but the up-rise of tea themed blog posts plus my moms new healthy lifestyle meant that tea crept to the top of my list of priorities during the summer. Y’all know me – always late to the bandwagon with instant home-made mocha (in this case, green tea) instead of a Starbucks, because I am just not that classy.

Here are the teas I am drinking right now! These are Clippers’ Snore and Peace infusion and their Pure Green Tea.


Hey, these teas are so good this little spider passing by wants them too…

Anyhow, green tea and special night time infusions are two teas that are now somewhat essential to my stash. I usually only have one brand of green tea and night infusion at a time, and both of them right now happen to be from Clipper Teas. I like the fact that they use unbleached tea bags and biodegradable boxes – makes me feel better, as well as the Earth, of course.

I’m not fussy about where I buy my tea. When I first introduced teas to my daily routine, I just picked up own brand pure green tea and pure chamomile tea from the local Co-Operative supermarket, since it was the closest one at the time, and it’s a good place to start.

If, like my brother, you hate the taste of pure green tea there are some lovely blends available. My second wave of tea boxes included Twinings’ Mint & Green Tea, and I have previously added lemon to my pure green tea for a morning kick. Mint or Lemon masks the bitter green tea and makes it easier to stomach if you need it. I would also add honey to it, but now I avoid adding sugars of any sort – anyway, I’m used to the taste now! The other tea box from this wave was Pukka’s Night Time Infusion, which I liked and finished, but not enough to repurchase it again. It contains oat flower, lavender and limeflower, and I thought the flavour was a bit unusual.

Thirdly came these clipper teas, and I think they may be my favourite, although most teas are so affordable that I am happy just picking up any box, prioritising the boxes that are on sale (I picked up the Clipper Green Tea for £1 a box!). Clipper’s Snore & Peace Infusion contains similar ingredients to Pukka’s Night Time, although I like it more as it’s missing that odd flavour in the Night Time – possibly the oat flower, although it could be something else.

You’ve probably never thought of the tea aisle as a definite place to look during the weekly shop, so perhaps now is the time to look – there is tea for all tastes.


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