Life Without Style

Thoughts. #12? #13? I Don’t Even Know.

I have been thinking a lot about whether to stay semi-anonymous on the blog or not. I don’t really like letting the entire world see my spot-ridden face and in general, I’d like to keep to myself.
On the other hand, I’ve been doing skincare reviews and makeup swatches and I feel that, at some point, my face will have to be revealed. I am already toying with this idea with a distance shot (from the ‘Field Trip’ post) and a sheet mask selfie, and I am considering pulling away from the anonymity once I turn 18 (5 months off, eep).
Maybe I will use my face only for review purposes.
But this blog is a happy personal record and it would be nice to have photos of me smiling? Conflicted!

Also, I have finished and scheduled a bunch of skincare posts because I think it’s very likely now that the blog will slip to something like #15 on my list of priorities… And I don’t have 15 in the first place! Apologies if I suddenly disappear from view.

A2 levels are becoming much much more challenging than I initially imagined, and it’s beginning to take its toll. I think it’s a miracle if I get to Tuesday with some energy left to continue with life. I think I understand things and then I will get 10/32 on a piece of homework. People often say, yknow, that it’s only a starting point and that I am bound to get better, however the assessment system doesn’t really account for this at all. You go hard or go home, basically.

It’s October! Writers will be gearing up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – November) through Plot-A-Month, which I will be following along with as well since I have some sort of basic framework in place for my project already.
Artists will be embracing #Inktober in which one ink drawing is completed per day. You could take this at its most literal and only use drawing ink and brushes or do gigantic detailed pieces (or both), but my personal aim is just to keep drawing every day. For some people, they may want to improve in particular areas such as in fantasy themes or cartoons, but I have barely been drawing recently and hopefully #Inktober2015 will revive my love for it. For this reason I’m literally just using any kind of ink, as long as the pictures I post aren’t in pencils whatsoever.

I’ll post a weekly round up of my Inktober posts here, but for now I am posting to Instagram (I got an Instagram account, by the way) as @Swanzig_X.

If you’re on tumblr, I will figure things out, but I’ll probably be posting to @oh-so-xushi since I can’t seem to be able to post these things onto my other, less cluttered tumblr,
@oh-so-soosheeful. Might just reblog from one to the other.

Anyway. I would really like an early night but I feel guilty even getting sleep right now considering the amount of work that I don’t feel on top of but am being assessed on. I am actually leaving the house tomorrow for a birthday event which is something to look forward to so I need my energy… Ah, the conflict.


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