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Korean Sheet Mask Review: Malie Green Tea

My skin has been acting up recently and I couldn’t figure out why – although I could put forth some vague guesses.

For a start, I study Biology and Chemistry in labs where water is not allowed. Plus I often simply forget to sip my water at school; as a result I’m not as hydrated as I should be. Secondly, I’m not getting my beauty sleep. Thirdly, the most decent food in the school canteen is the chips and I’m limiting my carb intake  – effectively reducing my choices to a chicken-burger-without-bun-but-with-salad, or a wrap-without-the-wrap-bit. Sigh.

With great timing, my package of sheet masks arrived. I kind of had to explain to my dad what I had ordered since the package was from Korea which both surprised him and made him suspicious, but I was just as shocked. The package was from Korea! I took my chances with free international economy shipping! I wasn’t expecting the package for another month!!

I ordered 17pcs of Malie Green Tea sheet masks from K-beautybox on ebay, for £9.75, so each mask was about 57p, not counting the extras included. I was looking specifically for these masks because they’re cheap, but seemingly good for the price. The sheet masks came with a resealable bag of 15 pairs of collagen eye patches from LUKE and a little free charcoal nose strip from LUKE as well. They dispatched my order the day after I made it, and estimated delivery was between 1st Oct – 3rd Nov. It arrived on 26th Sep – way before estimated. Not that I’m complaining.

I have used sheet masks before to try, in the form of Superdrug’s own brand. I have a review sorta ready, but no photos whatsoever, so posting my review would be breaking a law of sorts.

I was a bit cautious with the ingredients list because there are key differences in labelling regulations in Korea and other places – outlined briefly by Tracy at fanserviced-b (a great K-Beauty site that I often use as reference). I personally am not concerned with any of the ingredients, even more so as I don’t use face masks often. However, you might be concerned with methylparaben or fragrance in the product.

According to another review – I don’t recall which – most of the Malie masks appear to be of the same base formula besides the extract which appears at the end of the list. This is why I chose Green Tea, even though the extract is listed second-last, as my acne-prone skin needs all the help it can get.

The mask fit is standard. Even though there are some shallow (and unhelpful) cuts to help with fitting, I had to make some folds and stretch in some areas. I foresee fitting masks on my chin being a regular problem, as this happened with the Superdrug brand masks too. Besides that, the eye holes are in the right place and whatnot. (I was surprised to read reviews of other masks that stated otherwise, so I thought it was something I should mention.)

I think this counts under my semi anonymous mantra.

There is a vague scent of tea (beyond, what I call, a standard skincare scent, which is slightly stronger and overtakes here). Not brewed tea, but the cosmetic scent of green tea, if you get me. It’s not overpowering and is quite nice. Plus once it’s on my face it fades to a hint.

The mask is actually fully saturated in the essence. It’s neither a thick or runny essence and there are a few drops left over in the packet which I massage into my neck. The mask itself is thinner than Superdrug’s, but not super thin like Muji’s compressed face masks. In regards to the price, I am not expecting a miracle with this mask, although I expect regular wear will be handy during the winter months to provide extra hydration.

I wear my mask as the last step in my night routine and sleep with them on my face, so the essence is all used up. I tend to use them fortnightly and, to be honest, will only stock up properly during the winter where I might use up more. Otherwise I’ll only use them if I feel like a bit of pampering is needed.

I was tempted to buy K-beautybox’s pack of 36 masks + a bunch of nose strips for £13-ish, but the huge pack contains all the Malie mask types and I really wanted to avoid the Potato (which apparently smells like raw potato and why would I need it??) and the Snake (which just doesn’t appeal to me!).

Out of the others, the Snail, Pomegranate, Royal Jelly and Seaweed options are appealing. Possibly for the next batches I buy?


9 thoughts on “Korean Sheet Mask Review: Malie Green Tea”

  1. Ive tried them, they work nice!!!!! All except pomegranate which my skin just would not absorb for some reason…. my sister tried them all as well but there are always some that work better then others for you specifically.

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  2. hey i know this is an old post but please please please do not sleep with these on!! if they start to dry on your face, they begin to extract moisture rather than give! i would say no more than 10mins on the face and rub in the remaining serum


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