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Reviews: Garnier ‘Shine Be Gone’ and ‘Start Afresh’ Toners

When I started using Garnier’s Shine Be Gone Toner, this was my first impression, as copied-and-pasted from a ‘Weekly Thoughts’ post a long while ago.

First Impressions: I also bought Garnier’s Refining Shine Be Gone Toner as my Lancome Toner samples are fast running out (they did last a long time though). It smells like its matching moisturiser but it is tingly, much like Lancome’s Clarifying Tonique Eclat so be careful when applying near the eyes. Same applies to the nose, as the smell can also be a bit sharp. Nothing I can’t stand though, personally, although if you have sensitive skin I would steer clear. Garnier have plenty of other options available for the same great prices, though. The new packaging means it’s so easy to accidentally drown the cotton pad which is quite annoying, but for the price it doesn’t seem like too much of a waste.”

I still stand by what I wrote, mostly. It does tingle and sting and I have to close my eyes when using it, which is irritating but personally not too bothersome. I despise the new bottle design as I always end up drenching my cotton pad with far too much which might contribute to the stinging. It also seems to have a high alcohol content which explains the smell.

Does it benefit my skin, though? To an extent, yes, but I don’t think it is worth purchasing for its many flaws. I did find that my skin got used to the tingly sensation after two weeks, but I still flinch at the smell.

So, more recently I bought a bottle of toner from the range for normal-combination skin, ‘Start Afresh’ which claims to tone and brighten the skin, and has had generally more favourable reviews. It does seem similar to the Shine Be Gone Toner but toned down a bit (A PUN!) and it feels much better on the skin.

It does still have a fair amount of alcohol which is something to be cautious about. Recently I’ve been more into non-alcohol things, so I am unlikely to repurchase either and look for kinder options for my skin.


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