Life Without Style

Food Adventures

Mom has been gone for about a week now. I haven’t missed her much- it’s only 10 days. I know I was ranting on for a while in my last personal post but I was madder about the short notice than her going abroad.

Dad has had to run the Nail Salon in her steed, leaving me at home with a half empty fridge to feed myself and my siblings with. On Saturday we had Mom’s smoked mackerel that she bought but didn’t eat due to her trip, leaving it close to the use by date. Three servings, which was perfect for the three of us. On Sunday, whist Dad was out I made omelettes, throwing in some chopped shallot (like mini onions to me, perfect if we can’t use an entire one in one go) and  yellow pepper for the illusion of healthiness. Derp attempted to add cheese as well. It was the soft cheese spread type, and whilst the result looked edible, it wasn’t a five star dish.

Then I made mug cakes. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made some at all. After my attempts to be healthier, mug cakes have been off the cookery list, but there are no snacks available at home. I use the recipes from food blog Kirbie’s Cravings (note to self – link!), improvising where necessary. None of my recent mug cakes have been rising well, and I think this might have something to do with the self raising flour, even though I have used it many times before without trouble. I used apples from our garden for the ones I made yesterday, and banana and cinnamon lying around to make this one.

It was edible, just really really dense!

I probably won’t be the next master chef or Nadiya Hussain (that British Bake Off final was too intense! ) but you could probably count on me to feed you in a sudden food emergency…


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