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Lush Care: Grease Lightning Review (ish).

So I guess you could say I have hopped onto the Lush bandwagon, although not in the way that most people have.

As much as I love the scent of them, I don’t use bath bombs as my first experience with them resulted in me scrubbing the bathtub so that it stopped being pink. (The bath bomb in question was a gift from AT, who, if she’s reading this, has a lot to answer for…)

I also haven’t bought a single mask from Lush yet. Very tempting, but no… not until I use my regular ones up and even then… probably no. It just doesn’t appeal to me yet.

Instead, my introduction to Lush is through a spot treatment! To be honest with you, I was really only in Lush that fated day because Twerp wanted me to take her – She was buying bath bombs for her friends (isn’t she wonderful? We have the same love of showing our affection with our purses).  But I couldn’t help but browse the skincare section…

This is totally up my street and exactly what I had been looking for – a simple treatment with both Tea Tree and Witch Hazel and not much else. Bonus if it’s all natural ingredients like Lush’s Grease Lightning treatment. Literally just a few minutes before I had been in Boots perusing their Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range… I am very glad that I picked this up instead.

Grease Lightning is a spot treatment that is applied topically, ‘ideally when you feel a spot is about to erupt’ for prevention. Its ingredients are:

List of ingredients

It costs £6.40 and a fantastic natural alternative to chemical filled options so I am really happy to pick this up.

Also, Twerp offered to pay for this and I really couldn’t refuse. She later asked me about the price and said (roughly) ‘er… ah well, the damage is done’ even after I offered to pay her back.

Tea tree and witch hazel are not the fastest destroyers of spots, but they are great at preventing most of my spots from seeing the light of day. My only problem is with the aloe Vera. My own experience is that it tends to form a sticky layer on my face instead of absorbing fully, and that is the same with this due to the aloe content and the really similar consistency. Since I don’t wear skin makeup often this isn’t a big problem and your own experience with aloe gel may differ.


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