Inktober 2015: 21-31

[Trigger warning: gore] -ish. I personally think you have to be really squeamish to be afraid of my drawings…

Well, this is very, very late, but here we are at the final installment of Inktober posts. Honestly? I completely forgot about this ever happening. I did finish like 5 drawing in one day with half an hour left to go, but as soon as I was done I fell asleep, and the next day? I started NaNoWriMo.

Inktober was a very big challenge for me to take on over the course of the month, and I am very happy just to have completed it this year. Most of the challenge came from generating new ideas from nowhere and finding the time to complete it. I really wish I could make enough time to bring out all my effort into my drawings without sacrificing the time I need for studying. I doubt that it will get any easier to do, but I hope I will actually remember to do Inktober next year on top of starting university!


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