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Friday 13th – A Day of Good Luck?!?

I didn’t remember that it was Friday the 13th until I got home and my sister told me! It’s been a pretty good day.

For one, today is Children in Need day. Millions of people nationwide will, like me, be tuning in to the BBC telethon which is always a lot of fun. I do remember once getting unbelievably mad at my parents because some guests had come over and they talked over the TV and they didn’t have it in them to move the conversation to the dining room.

At school, the dressing up theme was C, I or N, and I dressed up a little as Zygon Clara/Bonnie from Doctor Who. Bonnie herself is a really new character (from the last two weeks’ episodes, in fact!) and Clara herself is probably my least favourite companion. But I loved her lip colour from this episode and I also own two black trench coats, so there was really no excuse not to dress up even a little.

At break time, I got a notification on my phone for an email… from Warwick University! The School only sent off my application last night and I got my offer in around 18 hours, which is crazily quick. The offer itself is higher than my predicted grades but I wasn’t expecting it and it’s given me more motivation to move forward. My teachers also put in good words at Parents’ Evening despite okay grades (what a relief) so I guess I just need to keep working my butt off.

My shooting at Archery Club has improved a lot! I’ve been coming to more practice sessions and as a result the guy that runs the club has figured out exactly what’s wrong with my shooting. I need to relax my bow hand, and align the string with the site when I aim (actually, that one I figured out myself). As long as my site is in the right place I can get at least 1 of 3 arrows in the gold, which is such an improvement from 3 misses, just a few months ago!

There’s a balancing board in the alcove at the back of the gym where we shoot indoors, and I really like to stand on it whenever I’m not shooting.


Then, when I got home, I noticed a package for me at the door and my heart practically burst because I’d been looking forward to this all week. It will go in another post but I’ve hugged it and loved it very much already.

Looks like things are only going up from here!


P.S. I am editing this post now to include all the bad things that happened around the world. It saddens me that I am telling you about the shootings in Paris. France is closed off now whilst the after effects are being managed, and the lights of the Eiffel tower were turned off last night in memory of all those that died as a result of last night’s events. It frustrates me that the only thing I can do from here is tweet my support, and in turn be a kinder person myself, as I believe that our world needs all the kindness it can get. I dread to hear about all the Islamophobia that is already painfully present, being amplified as a result. I could say this all day: Religion is not the same as terrorism.

In the south-west of Japan, a 7.0 Earthquake occured. I don’t know much about the damage that has been done, but my thoughts go out to them all the same.

There have also been additional suicide bombings in Beirut and Baghdad. From those events, at least 62 people have died.

I would have preferred a very bad luck day if it meant that less people died today. This is too saddening.

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