Life Without Style

National Novel Writing Month, we meet again.

During Inktober, I was perfectly content with drawing and stressing out over drawing. Writing and stressing out over writing, however, is another matter.

I’m perfectly okay with explaining what NaNoWriMo is by now, because I keep snapchatting my word count and tweeting about it and nobody seems to know what I am talking about, anyway. National Novel Writing Month is a worldwide event in which aspiring writers of all ages and backgrounds attempt to write a novel in 30 days. The normal, default target is 50,000 words, which adds up to 1667 words per day, for 30 days.

Want my two cents? It’s crazy, and we’re all crazy people to be doing this on top of whatever we already do. I especially think the student Wrimos have an extra dose of crazy. But no worries, because I am one of them.


As of today I should really be aiming for 25,000 words but I am only at 21,730 right now. I fell behind last week after a severe case of writer’s block in the middle of writing. I only got back up after realising that this novel might turn out much longer than I thought it was going to turn out, which made it acceptable to skip a scene or two or write a paragraph for them that I can elaborate on later. I might even come back to them later with more ideas.

I planned out the vast majority of my novel using Evernote, tagging all of my settings and characters so I could find them in a special notebook made for the project. I have a separate notebook for the loose ideas that I might like to elaborate on, as well. Since Evernote can be accessed from a variety of devices I am never really far away from it. I’ll talk about what I’m using to write the draft in the next update.

If only blogging counted as NaNo, I would have had an extra few thousand words just now!

If you have a dose of NaNo crazy as well, please do tell. I would love to meet more people who are embarking on this weird and wonderful quest!


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