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Updates: Haulin’ Cuz I’m Ballin

… Ballin under the definition that apparently, I’m rich, according to Q.

I’m not rich, it’s just that I seem to be spending all my summer-earned money on Christmas and Little Black Friday Things.

My collection of lip things had grown considerably over the last year – read: since I started blogging – and I fear I may actually have to buy a Muji Drawer for them all. But I refuse!!!! …Even though I’ve ordered more lip things to arrive soon, hehe.

I’ve already recently bought Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte in the cult 107, and the Normal Kate Lasting Finish in 05, a middle pink which I think is just warm enough to suit my skin tone. I have also ordered Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Liquid Lipstick in their reddest red and Revlon’s Balm Stain in Standout. All of my recently bought lip things will be going in another post after Christmas, so look forward to that!

I also went with RZ to the Vintage Kilo Sale at the Custard Factory. From a bit of research, I thought I would be hard pressed to get some good finds, but I think as long as you go in open to different styles then it’s fine. I came out with a cotton tape jumper (that I wore to after-school archery, you can see it above!) and a men’s shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, and and oversized, comfy red plaid shirt, all of which came to exactly a kilo. It’s £15 for a kilo, and £3 for early entry into the sale, so each piece came to £6. Bargain, right? I later picked up a lovely denim shirt for £5 at one of the Custard Factory’s vintage stores.

Also, we are only a couple of days from December now. I have the first batch of Christmas Presents already wrapped up and ready to go, and the rest just haven’t arrived yet. I was never really a Christmas Shopping person, mostly because I didn’t have much of my own money to spend, but this year I do and I’m treating people.

Being close to December also means being perilously close to the end of NaNoWriMo. I am still 6000 words from the finish line, and it seems very doable until you sit down to write those thousands of words. I have an idea of what I should be writing but at this point I am mostly relying on background details to magically pop into my head and flesh things out.

I should probably be writing over there instead of here, so I’m off! I’ll drop in to add more photos as soon as NaNo is done!


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