Life Without Style

It does not feel like it’s 4:50pm.

I feel like today, even though I didn’t do anything significant, has tired me out a lot.

The caretaker at school was handing out a lot of tinsel and my friends got armfuls each to decorate our booth with.

We had seven heated games of benchball, five of which my team won, all the while screaming ‘What team? WILDCATS!’

Sometime today, I found out that the coveted LJH Tea Tree essence was reduced to £7 a bottle on HKC Plaza (based in Singapore) and I caved in and bought two.

The numbers on my debit card statement have dipped below where I’d like, yet again, so I gave it to my brother to hide away from me. I’m supposed to be saving up for university. Damn you, sales. Damn you. I think Boxing Day shopping is off the cards this year.

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) were held sometime today/yesterday (time zones are hard to figure out). CL of 2NE1 did her solo performance, and then the rest of 2NE1 joined her! This was shocking, because Bom had been away from the public eye since her scandal (it really wasn’t, though) like, years ago. I was on the verge of tears. They were not only back, but they were explosive on stage. They went back to their great hits, ‘Fire’ and ‘I AM THE BEST’.

Work suddenly seems more manageable, recently.  I got a good score on my Chemistry assessment and I still have some catching up to do in all sorts of places, but right now I feel as if I could actually get there, you know?

Strangely content today.



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