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Kbeauty Hauls!


It’s… It’s glorious. I’ve never hauled this much before. Going by /r/asianbeauty, it’s not even that much compared to some other crazy sale hauls.


Ordering things from abroad is always full of tension – they give such a broad range of delivery dates that I have no clue when to expect them. So it was a real surprise when my K-beauty Holiday Hauls all came in over the last two weeks.

First of all, HKCPlaza. The items and samples I got are on the bottom row of the picture, below the Jolse-labelled blotting papers.

I know many fans and newbies of the LJH brand were estatic to hear (from fanserviced-b) that HKCPlaza were doing a huge sale of LJH’s Tea Tree range. I bought two of the essences for a third (A THIRD!) of the usual price, then threw in a sheet mask so I would get free tracking… then whacked a discount code in so I got both the tracking, and a free sheet mask. *fist pumps air in victory*

However, HKCPlaza was really behind on orders due to holiday season and the sheer popularity of their sale, so it took almost a month for my order to be processed and the package shipped out. The LJH Tea Tree essence was finally in my loving arms… and smaller than I thought. Can you believe this can be £30 per 50ml bottle depending on where you get it at full price?

Well, if it works I can’t complain. The opened bottle is currently in testing, and I think it is helping with blemish recovery and hydration, so I say it was worth the wait to get this as a deal.

The samples I got were all from a brand I had not heard of before, called Velieve.

  • Velieve CC Complete Care Cream SPF25 – not in photo bc I used it… and didn’t like it. It was seriously pasty on my skin and the texture was separated and strange.
  • Velieve Milky Pudding Cream
  • Velieve White Flower Rich Cream Tub
  • Velieve DD Cream Tub

Here is the link to HKCPlaza’s store! They are currently doing a sale that is almost, but not quite, as good as their LJH sale I bought from, and is extended to all products in store, for Chinese New Year!


Secondly, Jolse. (In the photo, this is all the stuff between the sheet masks and HKC stuff. We’re working our way up.)

I have heard tonnes of good things about this store, but I was mostly enticed by the idea of lots of free samples, to be honest! I made my order on the first day of the their New Year’s sale Plus the CosRx Brand Discount, as I had been waiting specially for it. It got shipped out on the third day after ordering, and arrived after 11 days! It felt like the longest 11 days of my life, no lie.

I was not disappointed. I ordered the 4pack of CosRx Acne Patch Sheets, one CosRx AHA Whitehead Power Liquid, and the Innisfree Bija Trouble Cleansing Gel which reputably has low pH so I can use the AHA right after. I spent ~£27 (about $38?).

The samples/freebies I got were:

  • The little bag of CosRx Samples (Galatomytes essence, Snail essence, Blackhead Power liquid and Whitehead Power Liquid)
  • Liole Seaweed Gel
  • Liole Intensive time reversing snail cream
  • TonyMoly My Sunny Body and Family Sun Cream
  • 3x Tomatox samples (Good thing, as I was running out of samples of this, lol)
  • Holika Holika Good Cera Original Super Cream
  • Holika Holika Good Cera Frozen Sleeping Pack
  • Holika Holika Good Cera Super Cream Jelly Capsule
  • 2x Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence
  • Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Milk Premium Cream
  • Jolse Blotting Papers
  • Jolse Hair Tie (Not pictured because I am wearing it…)
  • CosRx Stickers!

That’s… a lot! *cries with happiness* This one time I ordered at feelunique, they only sent samples if you spent £30.

Here is the link to Jolse’s Online Store, and their Ebay Store (under the name Jolse_Cosmetics) and their other Ebay store (apparently the same? Under the name iamloveshop)


This morning, out of the blue, my Etude House sheet mask order from YouRiShop on Amazon came! They were selling an assorted pack of 20 for only £12 ($17USD – although I just checked and it’s no longer this cheap, sadly) which makes each mask about 60p and I had just started a no-buy after ordering from Jolse… I held it off again just to get this. It was shipped out next morning after ordering, if I recall, and took 10 days to arrive.

I really like Etude House’s sheet masks, so far. In my experience I have only tried one (the Olive). My skin is notoriously insensitive to things, so having had a good experience with it, I figured I should try the rest. They’re not mind-blowingly good by any means, but they make my face feel like a baby’s butt the next morning, really, and it’s full of enough extra essence to coat my face and arms, and my sister’s face and arms… all out of one packet! Plus, if I’m getting them for 60p each, a good bargain.


Since those masks were the last thing I got before re-commencing my no-buy, I am a mild shopaholic who is now 10 days sober. I’m going to keep this up until I run out of something *suspiciously eyes Garnier toner*.

Will I do product reviews? I can’t imagine that they’d be interesting if I do them, especially since my skin is highly unreactive and they’d all sound like “Oh yeah, this… didn’t do much for me yet again.”

But seriously, when my skin actually does something, you will be the first to know, haha!

Until next time,


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