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Winter Holiday Reading: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

I finished a book as the winter holidays began. (Over a month ago, I know!)

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is, by far, not the most appealing title, and the blurb reads like a supernatural rip-off of the Hunger Games. Seriously, I hate YA blurbs these days. I thought marketers wanted the book to stand out, not make it the same as every other plot out there.

Remember to ignore the blurb, people.

Anyhow, this book was pleasantly good. My standards were low as usual anyway, but this was a great read.

In Holly Black’s Coldtown world, vampires run rampant worldwide, but walls have been built around the towns with major vampire outbreaks to keep the two places apart. The main character, Tana, wakes up from a weekend party to find that she is one of very few survivors of an attack, and suspecting that she had turned Cold (as in, got bitten) she begins her adventure to a Coldtown with her ex boyfriend and a vampire.

My favourite part about this universe is the integration of social media, blogging, and their role in the story. The glamourous Coldtown parties are broadcasted nationwide, and people devote themselves to the journey into a coldtown, make money from it, seek fame from it. Of course, it’s never all that great. What’s so good about this is that somehow, I can imagine it happening in our world if vampires and coldtowns actually became a thing.

On the other hand, some character decisions don’t make too much sense but I’m letting that pass, because it’s the heat of the moment and we can’t all make the perfect decision in these situations.

All in all, an unexpectedly satisfying vampire read.

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