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Winter Holiday Reading 2015: More Than This by Patrick Ness

So a friend of mine throughly loves Patrick Ness, and whilst I’ve seen his books around for the entirety of my secondary-school life, I haven’t picked any of them up. Mostly because his books don’t sound much like my ‘thing’. This is one of, if not the, newest of his books.


‘More Than This’ is about a boy who dies drowning, but then wakes up alone on a different land, with many questions.

So. Many. Questions.

If you are looking for a twisty, turning, riveting plot, then don’t read it.

The ‘movement’ in this story is propelled more by character development than by actual things happening, but I found it a really interesting read nevertheless. In terms of things happening, questions were answered, but far more was left unanswered. It makes me hope for a second book, but at the same time I would be quite content for Ness to leave it there. The characters found their personal answers, and that was enough.

Go in with an open mind and this book won’t disappoint. I think I’ll pick up more of Patrick Ness’ books in future.

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