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The Saving Goddesses of K-Pop (This month, anyway.)

Since the mock exams and reports and self assessments as such, I’ve been on a hiatus in more ways than one. I didn’t go to Archery, or knit, or draw, or anything at all. I did turn 18 though, which is something. Wow, guys, I’m an adult now – she says with a serious deadpan face and unparalleled un-enthusiasm.

Slowly I’ve been picking things up again and today, the weather was so nice and the light was nice too, so I’ve just had a photo-taking session so that photos won’t hold me back from reviewing products and posting those.

Anyhow. Back to the topic of this post at hand. I went through a cringey phase, back when I was about 10-11 years old, where I was utterly convinced that Japanese things were better than Korean things, and later on, I became obsessed with Kpop. Then I became obsessed with everything, absolutely everything at once that was not ‘Western’. I guess now I hold an interest in everything whether it’s Western or not, but all that is far muted compared to how it was before. I do feel that partly, new music releases haven’t given me too much to be excited about, but that has changed.

Let me introduce you to some female artists who, I believe, really are fresh in K-Pop right now who have all released exciting new stuff quite recently.

Lee Hi
– My k-pop bae. It’s been three or four years since her last comeback, and since then, she and I both grew up and are adults now. Her sound has matured to match, as well, from ‘First Love’ to ‘Seoulite’. Even just by the names of those releases, you can see the growth from lovely teenager to cool young city adult, right?
Her voice has changed, too. It’s smoother and less husky, but still very distinctly her. Tablo and his independent label, HIGHGRND basically took the reins for producing this album and I hope y’all know I love his stuff, so I knew this album would impress me.

This entire Seoulite EP shines, by the way. It was decided to promote ‘Hold Your Hand’ because of its consistency with her previous, fun MVs like ‘1,2,3,4’ and ‘It’s Over’, and ‘Breathe’ was written by Jonghyun of SHINee and reminds us all why we love this voice so goddamn much. I hate generic ballads, usually, but this one isn’t generic and it sticks.

The other three tracks, ‘World Tour’ with MINO from WINNER, ‘Official’, and ‘Fxxk WIT US’ are, how shall I say, very underground (and very Tablo) in comparison. Whilst the two promoted tracks are true to her fan-loved style, the other three bring out a new style for her and really solidify this modern and mature concept that surrounds this EP.

Lee Hi makes pink cool.

Whoops, this turned into a fan burst. I guess you can tell – I really, really, love Lee Hi and Seoulite. I also love Tablo for making this album a reality because honestly? We were not expecting to see her have a comeback any time soon.

– I started keeping track of these girls starting with ‘Aah-Oop’, and then their new album, ‘Melting’ fixed them onto my radar.

I don’t even have words. Like damn, they can sing.

I mean, these girls released a song that’s 100% themselves dissing each other’s heights.

Ladies’ Code
– Some of you might have heard of the big news concerning Ladies’ Code last year. They had five members, two of whom died in a really bad car accident. Despite this, they are back as a trio. Have you noticed that there are five seats at the table? I’m all emotional. There’s something sentimental and hopeful about the song, as well as a vibe that tells you that, y’know, these girls are moving forward with EunBi and Rise in their hearts.

Yezi of Fiestar
– Yes, I am aware that Fiestar have just had a group comeback. But I think this particular solo debut still blows that out of the water. Yezi rose to popularity on the 2nd season of Unpretty Rapstar, an all-female, badly edited rapping show, from the ‘Crazy Dog’ performance (the song made it into her mini album, too) to her general badassery, she was definitely one to watch. Unfortunately, I don’t really like the video to Cider because she just seems a little bratty there, but they released a video for ‘Sse Sse Sse’! It features three more rappers from the series, all of whom I like.

I’d like to include ‘Someone Like U’ by Dalshabet and ‘Sting’ by Stellar as notables that didn’t make it, because I liked the songs by themselves and didn’t have much to say besides that they are catchy as hell. I hope you liked my sudden return and these new music recommendations!

Until next time,


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