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The Birthday Lot 2016

In the two months or so that I have been sporadically Missing in Blog Action, I turned 18. That’s February, guys. So it’s about time I posted about what I got since this post has been ready to go for a few weeks now. Has it been that long already? My siblings still laugh at me when I say that I’m a legal adult, and I don’t think it’s hit home to me at all.

Y’all know what that means!
Clubbing with my own ID!
Being a responsible grown up!
I even took the siblings out to the Sea Life Centre this Easter Break! (Photos to come in a post in another two months- or maybe they’ll just end up on Instagram.)

I’m not even a party person. I much prefer the Night In, knitting and watching whole seasons of Adventure Time or some Descendants of the Sun (whilst I’m not there with the obsession, I’ve been a Song Joong Ki fan since his days on Running Man. He’s SO cute.)

Anyway, I wasn’t particularly wanting of anything this year, even though I did have some sort of wishlist. I also didn’t really give anyone the wishlist so most people were just working on how well they knew me and the few times I pointed out something I loved,  and I got some surprising and super thoughtful gifts that I absolutely love.

Note: None of the edible stuff is pictured because I ate all of it. ALL. Of. It.


From Twerp
Honestly? My sister is twelve and I didn’t expect anything from her at all. But then again she has a surprisingly big budget for a girl her age – When I was 4, adults gave me chump change and dolls for my birthday but when she was four, adults gave her the same as what I’d get – whole fivers and tenners and stuff. It all added up – no fair.
She bought me a Game of Thrones Colouring Book, Birthday Cake Flavoured Oreos (from Day In supermarket in Chinatown) and Pocky Panda. As well as cotton yarn, with which I am knitting yet another face cloth.

Now I am into skincare I don’t think I actually have enough facecloths at all and they make great quick portable projects. Seed Stitch ones are the best, imo. I just like the feeling of the little bumps.

From TD
The shade she got for me was Dragon Girl, a super bright red with the slightest hint of pink.  Super stoked by this and how well it holds up to its reputation. This is so comfortable to wear but didn’t leave a mark on any of the cups and mugs I drank from on my first test wear day, and still looked immaculate after 12 hours, spaghetti, cake and rice and no topping up at all. Like what is this sorcery? I was so stoked I bought two more – Cruella and Train Bleu – so TDBae has a damn lot to answer for.

Out of these three, Dragon Girl also holds up the best in terms of wear time without looking too messy, and transfer. I would love to do a post comparing the three if nobody minds yet another post to add to the 15 billion posts about these pencils. FYI, the ones I bought were barely used second hand, so I’ll probably write about the app I used too.

From AT
Atii printed some photos of our times together and popped them into a heart shaped tin, with personal notes on the back. I felt pangs of nostalgia and I will probably never get bored of going through this box of memories. Also a super cute pair of nail clippers and a consecutive 1/2/3min hourglass timer (not pictured). Both of these and the tin were from Tiger, my new favourite store ever, because they sell absolutely everything practical and fun, and not too decorated. Like a colourful, fun version of Muji.

There’s a store in Grand Central Birmingham, next to Select, and by the entrance that is ‘up the ramp’ from McDonalds and HSBC Bank. If you’re familiar with Birmingham’s city centre, I hope you can decipher my directions. I have a decent sense of direction but it’s only understandable by me, it seems.

From Q
She got me a box of cute bath fizzers.  I don’t usually take baths but I’ve been going out of my way recently to do so in order to relax and use some of these.
Also, a Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 111. By complete coincidence, TD got me the same one previously for Christmas! It’s evidently a very ‘me’ shade of red which I love, and it will get plenty of use besides. With a bit of prepping and blotting and layering, this holds up quite well for a lower-end lipstick so its now-permanent place in my travel makeup bag for just-in-cases-that-never-happen is well deserved, and considering how long it takes to use up a lipstick I don’t I’ll be without it for a while!

From RZ
Notebooks! I don’t actually buy any more of my own because I have plenty now, but that doesn’t stop the collection from growing. These are both pretty and practical.
She also got me a clear pen holder,  very useful as I needed a place for my drawing pens and colouring pencils (I even shove pieces of paper down the side and it acts as a little display, almost), and some nice blue tea lights. Everybody who has seen them has asked me whether they are scented.

They are not.

From DD
The biggest surprise as this included my Christmas Presents! It was March when she gave them to me, but better late than never…
She bought me a pretty Tokyo Ghoul Necklace.  It looks a little strange if you have no clue what it is, but I really love it!
For my birthday she gave me a bar of Toblerone, a bonsai growing kit and a set of tarot cards.

The tarot cards in particular were super interesting because I’ve been meaning to pick up a set for writing research purposes.  I didn’t express this interest to her or to AT (who helped pick these out) whatsoever so this was a lovely surprise. It’s not the most glamorous set but I like the mysticality of the medieval styled designs and somehow, ATs first card reading came out painfully accurate.

I don’t have enough thanks for everyone. It was a quieter birthday with a big milestone and still a lot of fun.

Here’s to another chaotic year!


Bonus: Look at this gorgeous and super-tasty cake that AT brought in for in-school celebrations! *drools


P.S. You can find me on Instagram for things I don’t blog about (@swanzig_x), and on twitter as @twentyswans for… other stuff. Exams are a-looming, so you might not see anything here for a couple of months, but I’ll do my best with the social media. Thanks for your consideration ~. Best wishes to any exam takers out there and let’s all hope that we survive and arrive at summer in one piece.

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