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Things about Autumn.

Autumn can feel like forever here in the UK – once it sets in it’s not the golden wonderland we have visions of dressing up and frolicking in, but it just gets damp and not very nice. The chill begins to set in and I have to do my best to judge whether it’s okay to layer up or not. Already I have gone out bundled up and ended up carrying around my layers instead after rapidly warming up. I prefer to be cooler rather than hotter, so I have settled for two thin layers, hoodies and a thin scarf at the moment.

The trees are only just beginning to yellow outside my window at the moment, but they truly light up in the morning sun. Out garden sees dead leaves all the damn time as we have two trees: a pear tree and an apple tree, and the wind blows them to the opposite corner of the garden instead of towards the compost heap. Eventually, when the day is nice and not sodding wet, I will have to go and sweep them all back. The only real difference between autumn, winter and spring is the state of the trees. That is literally it – the rain and the clouds are going to be it until next May.

I like the outside idea of Autumn, sure (it’s a nicer word than Fall, in my opinion) but in reality it’s my cue to cuddle up at home and prepare to hibernate. I mean, I do that no matter the season, anyway, but it feels especially nice this time of year. It’s also my cue to take out all of the berry lipsticks and the dark lipsticks – nothing is stopping me from taking one out monthly in the summer, but I absolutely love rocking a good burgundy as it begins to get darker (then again, I also go out far less so I want a bold lipstick fix). I like burgundy on everything. I have tops and boots and I still want more!

It has just come to my attention that I don’t actually own a burgundy lipstick by itself (oooh that needs to change, pronto!). I tend to layer my brighter red lipsticks over a darker coloured lip liner and that works wonderfully – I like Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte in 111 Kiss of Life (or Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Velvet in Red-Volution or NARS Cruella, even) on top of their 1000 Kisses lip liner in Black Tulip.

Oh, but also! I’ve gotten back into knitting recently and there has not been a better time to do so now that it’s getting colder! I have finally reached the halfway point on a chocolate-coloured cowl (sigh – otherwise known as an infinity scarf) I started last year as Project #GBBO2015. It’s now named after the series winner, Nadiya (we name our projects, shush). I really want to start knitting a giant blanket to cuddle in and finish an old vest on hold from eons ago, but I don’t want to hatch too many eggs because I don’t have the room for all of them!

I’ve been cooking a bit more often recently, now that I am often home alone studying I have to plan out my own lunches and give Mom the shopping list – unless Mom herself cooks up extra servings in the morning. Unlike my parents I’m not cooking Vietnamese cuisine (gasp!) – I did a GCSE in Food Tech (although I wasn’t good at it, ha) so I know my way around pasta bakes, savoury scones, and other ‘obviously western’ dishes as Mom says and a few days ago I made a meat casserole for the entire family.
By far, though, soups are the MVP. They are super warming and can be really filling with bread, and are especially suitable for the colder months when the sniffles won’t stop. Also, they’re a really low effort dish. It’s mostly chopping and simmering, then two minutes with the hand blender. I will be making quite a lot more of these before the year ends.

Here’s a song for the season:

On an ending note, why oh why is Christmas stuff already in store? I’m not ready for this.

Until next time,



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