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Lipstick Clearing!

Now that it’s the new year, I have been meaning to destash a few of my lip and eye products. I now own over forty and whilst I’d love to grow the collection a bit more, the fact is that I actually wear lipstick a lot less (now I’m at home revising this year instead of going to school every day).

Here is the result of my lipstick purge – just under a quarter of the lipsticks (not counting lip liners) I own.
(I’m less worried about the lip liners as they take up less space.)

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Colorstick in Bright Berry
Reason: It’s hella old.
This is an old favourite of mine, and it’s a lovely light pink-leaning berry, with a bit of a glossy and frosty sheen to it. It’s nicely semi-pigmented but now I tend to lean more towards full pigmentation so this hasn’t been touched in a while, especially now that the collection has grown. The texture seems to have changed and become less smooth over the years, which might help explain why.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart
Reason: It’s hella old.
Another old favourite, this also has not been touched in a while. It’s super bright so I don’t wear it by itself, and although it also does well with a brown lip liner to adjust the colour I just don’t. Maybe because I’m lazy. Maybe because I know in my heart of sweethearts it’s time for this one to go.

Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in Honey
Reason: It’s hella old.
This is another fave I just have not been wearing. You could be forgiven for thinking I could keep this, and the previous two on the list, just a bit longer, but they’re all about five years old (!!!). This is another one that has changed in texture without me noticing.

MeNow Liquid Lip Glosses in 02, 03, and 26
Reason: I don’t really like these.
These were crazy cheap from Ebay at less than £1, but they’re also crazy tacky if you don’t powder a little on the lip, and powder also adjusts the shades. They last a long time, being waterproof, they’re not going to come off with water and will not budge or smudge at all. 02 and 03 are very mauve, almost pink shades (that aren’t to my taste). 26 is actually the colour I wore to my prom, and besides that, I probably won’t touch it again. I wouldn’t say that’s a big loss, like, I’m frugal… But not so much I’d keep these. I am keeping 36, however, because I love that shade, don’t have one like it, and intend to find a replica in a form I like.

Turns out, it’s really hard to keep a DSLR steady with just one hand while trying to take a focused picture of the other arm.

MUA Metallic Liquid Lipstick
Reason: Don’t really like it.
I was hoping this one would dry down. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the tube as a cool purple with shimmery metallic flecks, but upon application it’s more of a frosty lipgloss. It’s not even that pigmented. The frostiness outdoes the pigment. Whatever pigment there is, it’s patchy. Even if it was only £1, it was a disappointing spend. It would probably look better on top of a lip liner, but for some reason I don’t really want to bother.

Collection Work The Colour Lip Butter in Perfect Plum
Reason: I don’t reach for it anymore.
This is also beginning to look a bit gross. I’ve actually made good progress on the bullet because it’s so soft, but that’s also probably the reason it’s so gross. When I wind it down after using it, I find that the bullet has moved to one side and then it makes a mess. A shame because otherwise, I would have continued to use it more – I like the pigmentation and using it as a less drying option in my stash. I am also debating chucking out the matt version I have in an orangey red, but that one isn’t as soft and hasn’t been used up as much, so I will probably keep it a bit longer and see if it gets used a bit more, and if not, it’s also going out.

Lancome Lip Lover in 316
Reason: Baby pinks are no-no.
I actually like this gloss, it’s not too tacky. But the pigment seems to stick in dry lip flakes which is not what I want when it comes to a gloss, and I can’t just seem to get along with the colour itself, which leans too close to a bright baby pink for my liking.

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon
Reason: I still had this? Like, I thought I’d already thrown it out. Oh well, it’s going now.
Like the Neutrogena crayon, this is a shimmery shiny sheer wash of pink, which just goes against my current bias towards the matte and the pigmented. That said, this was also the Christmas gift that solidified my then-current love of lip crayons at the time, and that time has sadly passed. Mostly. (*Looks at Nars pencils which set the bar too high.*)

Maybelline ColourSensational Lipstick in Sultry Sand
Reason: Why did I even keep it this long?
A few years ago, I attempted a cosplay for Comic Con and I used this to achieve a pale, ghostly look. It enhanced anything horrible about my lips. In a darker colour I may have gotten away with it, but on a normal day this shade just washes me out completely.

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in Cheeky Coral
Reason: This is the lipstick that made me realise I do not suit corals.
Also, this lipstick swatches fantastically on my arm, but on my lips the pigment never turns out that great. I bought this on sale last year, tried it twice, and then learned my lesson. Occasionally I would try it on again, and decide against it. It had all year to grow on me and didn’t. So out it goes.

I have really short arms. I’m just really short, period. Sigh.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am hoping to destash some eye products as well now that I have made the move from crayons and pencils to palettes, and done a lot of experimenting to find out what works for me.

Have you been decluttering?

Until next time,


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