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Rambly Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Sugar & Spice Palette

Confession: after dabbling in makeup for a year and a half, I finally own my own blush palette – and a highlighter, but that’s for next time(!). At last, I have all my categories sorted when it comes to doing a face full of makeup.

Anyway… Recently I was gifted the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Sugar & Spice palette from AT. It’s a super late Christmas present as I haven’t been able to see her. She was originally planning on getting me The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and had it wrapped and all(!) but as you may have seen, Tray gifted it to me as her present. So now we are planning on reading it together and sharing our thoughts as we go along.
Anyhow, let’s get on to the palette review!


Makeup Revolution are one of my favourite budget brands, especially for palettes, offering brilliant quality at such affordable prices. This is now the third palette I own from them – the other two are eye palettes. This costs £6 for 8 nicely sized pans of product, and is very easily found at Superdrug or Tambeauty’s website.

This comes in a cardboard box and sleek plastic casing with a large mirror in the lid and signature rose gold text. It definitely feels worth a lot more than £6!

Of course, being blush, they’re all pinkish shades. Some lean more nude and some are hotter pinks, and shimmery. It’s nice variety for blush but who am I to talk when I’ve not tried many (LOL)?

First off, I would like to humbly say that I TRIED, with these swatches. They’re not my best. Soz. This photo shows up so blue and dark on my computer monitor compared to my phone- let me know if you’re seeing the same thing for future posts. I used my finger to swatch these with two swipes.

On the top left, we have two subtle, more nude shades. These are great for washes of colour and it’s good for beginners like myself who aren’t sure about going overboard with the colour.

On the top right, we have a bright, very ‘Barbie’ pink and then a blush so pale and glittery it’s a cool-toned highlighter. I can’t see myself using those shades very much.

On the bottom left, there are two deeper, redder pink shades. Although they are similar, the left-most shade leans redder and the second shade is pinker. I have to be very careful with these, it’s so easy to go overboard with them.

On the bottom right, a light orange coral pink and a darker shimmery shade. These are like the nude shades in that they are easier to work with and not overdo it on the face, but the shades themselves are a little bolder.

They really are pigmented with high colour payoff. Especially with the deeper shades, I only needed a small tap with my brush and I worried that I had gone overboard. It’s not too chalky and there is a little fallout – but when learning to work with those darker shades, I decided that if I’m getting fallout, that’s WAY too much product on my brush. The lighter shades are easier to use for anyone who is worried about going overboard. Overall I’d say there’s a good range of ‘difficulty levels’ for anyone who is new to blush like me.

I have oily skin, and when I first apply all my makeup, it looks okay! It definitely adds some life back into my face. Even over the course of the day as I inevitably get oilier and my makeup melds together a bit more, this still holds its own and stands out. I even got a few compliments on the blush specifically during a work shift! Worked the right way, it’ll definitely draw the right attention.

(You have no idea how close I was to going to work with pink blush and green eyeliner. I’d put on the eyeliner first and didn’t expect the blush to come out so pigmented so, after failing to blend it into oblivion, I just got rid of the eyeliner and instead went for a rose-brown themed look. For a neutral yet not nude look, pink and brown are great!)

Anyway, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new palette!

Thanks for reading,


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