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The Gap Year Diary: February

Here’s what I got up to this month!

I May Have Dropped My Laptop

In the year or so since I got this hand-me-down laptop from Derp I have not broken it. Well, those peaceful days are over. I stood up and moved around with my earbuds in and suddenly, it was on the floor. It worked fine for two days afterwards then it just… wouldn’t start up in the morning. The hard drive was dead. Along with all my old photos, giant music library and old school work I did not need anymore.

Thankfully, I didn’t take the vast majority of my old photos. That task usually fell to people with the newest iPhones to do. Thanks to group chats, H came to the rescue, sending me photos I never knew I was in. My music library was easily recuperated using my phone whilst all the tracks I don’t remember to add back, I obviously didn’t care about enough to keep on the phone. I re-downloaded some original soundtracks, though, which live only on my computer for study purposes. Final Fantasy XV, Professor Layton and My Hero Academia OSTs, anyone?

I backed up my writing projects in Dropbox and I am so grateful to my past self for doing that. It was a spontaneous decision. My writing projects, had I lost them, I would have cried over. A lot of my digital artworks were gone too but I’m actually not too fussed about those – I can always create more!

Let this be a reminder to always back up your work.

I Quit My Job to Focus On Exams In A Deal I Made With Dad

I also started taking private classes. I was gonna call it ‘extra classes’ but I don’t go to school anymore.

I Got an Unconditional Offer ish

This email popped out of nowhere and I freaked out. If I firm one of my unis they’ll make the offer unconditional. I am seriously considering it. Do I want to risk not getting into a uni again this year? Would I meet the offer for the other uni that is very similar but just closer to my home? In the end, I decided that, between now and the deadline, if my confidence in meeting my grades wavers then I will just go for it. In the end, I would rather have a university place on results day studying what I want to study, even if the commute might be a pain.

I’m 19 and Went Partying For The First Time

That entire sentence is an adventure in itself. As I’ve been nattering on about it in my travel bag post and the actual birthday post, I spent my birthday weekend with my best friend in Bristol… and went to a nightclub for the first time. It was a strange experience, I’ll say that at least. Just a bunch of people in a club in close proximity to one another busting out some really bad moves whilst holding and spilling drinks whilst we take selfies and scream a conversation over the music. Not for me, really, but I enjoyed my night and my weekend nevertheless! Here’s to surviving the last year and hoping I’ll survive the next.

Book Things

It feels like this month writing has very much been put to the side – I’ve made some small progress but I think, since hitting 10k words on the draft I have been replotting the rest of it. I know where I want the story to go, but right now my characters aren’t quite having the right conversations to get them there.

I went to a writing workshop held by Writing West Midlands especially for marginalised writers of the BAME and LGBT+ communities. We focused on building up character and I was able to take a lot away from it. The two hours of the workshop flew by! There will be more free workshops leading up to July, so be sure to check out the link here to see if there is something for you.

The same evening of the workshop, I picked up a copy of the gorgeous Caraval by Stephanie Garber and went to the talk and signing held at Waterstones Birmingham. Her talk was funny and insightful and I was able to get a photo too! I haven’t read the book yet as I am finishing up my current reads, but I did sneak through two chapters before the event and I have to say I am enjoying it so far!

Speaking of which, I have a new Instagram account especially for blogging and book-related posts! I am keeping @swanzig_x for personal photos and artwork, whilst @twentyswans is all bookish and bloggerly. I do hope you’ll join me there.

That’s all I got up to this month! On another note, some time ago we passed 100 WordPress followers and are now just at 130- thank you everyone!

Until next time,


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