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Long, Rambly Review: Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream

Hi everyone! I have a review for you all today, for the Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream. It’s my first Japanese makeup product, so quite exciting for me! Finding a match for my skin has been challenging so far and I’d heard on the Reddit that Japanese BBs tend to run more yellow than Korean choices so I was curious to find out.

Brand: Canmake
Product Name: Perfect Serum BB Cream
Bought from: This Ebay Seller who shipped from Japan and it took just under two weeks to arrive on economy shipping.

Cost: About £9.60 for a tiny 30ml. This is pricey for me, but I justified this by saying my current go-to foundation is £30 for the same amount so if it worked out for me, that would actually be a good saving.


Slightly flat, squeezy tube. The tube is about the same size as my hands which are abnormally small already, so it would be a great travel choice. It’s very pink and very pretty and difficult to capture with its foiled design.

Shade Range/Match:

There are only two shades, 01 and 02. I am about NC15-20 with strong yellow tones, and 01 is what I bought to try. It’s definitely around NC20 so if you are lighter than that I can’t recommend 01.

I have plenty of confusing thoughts about how this shade matches me. When I first tried it out it looked similar to my favourite Estee Lauder Double Wear in 1W2 Sand, although later on it oxidised to be a very orange peach colour that looked darker than my facial skin tone. It photographed fine, though.

Later, when I was taking the selfies for today’s post, I mixed it in with a little of Missha Perfect Cover BB in #21 (which is too light for me, ashy and grey-cast) (if you’re wondering, I mixed it to a 2:1 ratio) and it looked fine in real life and matched pretty much perfectly in natural light (although maybe a small difference in facial tone that I can overlook). However, it photographed lighter and makes my neck look dark. I don’t really know why.

Finally, when I did an arm swatch, it looked like Canmake 01 was lighter than my favourite 1W2 Sand! …Which I just did not understand having previously thought it was darker. I think both react differently to application on my face and arm.


This is medium coverage with a satin finish. It can be applied lightly for a light coverage base and built up to be not quite full. It has a thick cream texture but I can’t feel it on my face.

I hate taking selfies when my face is like this, but it was necessary to show you this coverage! This is the product mixed with a little Missha. (On its own, Missha has a little less coverage so I think they work together fine without affecting the coverage too much.)  It evens out my skintone really well.

I found that this applied best with a cushion puff or similar sponge-type applicator. You really don’t need much – like half a pea size for my whole face. It can settle into dry patches or other awkward areas such as around the mouth, but both sort of ‘smooth out’ and look a lot better on my skin after a little while (i.e. after the oil starts to melt it together).

You’ll still need a concealer for the undereyes, definitely. It covers my blemishes very well but for super red/pesky ones you may also want something separate. I think this does a fantastic job, overall though, and when I reach for this I’m not usually going for a flawless look.

If you tend to have flakey patches as I do around my spots, this stuff does cling to them but not… horribly? Buffing my skin a little during the morning cleanse has helped a little and overall I’m not too fussed by this.

Wear Time:

This does nothing for oil control. It does tend to disappear on my nose, and seems cakey on my upper lip but even my high end foundation does this when applied lightly, so nothing new. Powdering makes it last fractionally longer. I guess at this point I’m just accustomed to it.

Overall, this has great coverage and would be ideal for normal, slightly oily skintypes at NC20 or a little darker. It’s a shame the shade range is not bigger because I think it’s a great product that covers imperfections really well without being matte and completely full coverage. It’s also a cheaper alternative to my current favourite.

My main reason for buying this was for the coverage and yellow toned shade so it’s a total shame that I am a little too light for this at the moment. Maybe in the summer I’ll fit it a little better (but not if my sunscreen can help it!).

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you want to see reviews of the other BB creams mentioned here as I haven’t reviewed those here before.


9 thoughts on “Long, Rambly Review: Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream”

  1. Very thorough review. Have you done any other BB cream reviews? Personally I haven’t found the use for them as I need full coverage foundation but even then I often struggle with it lasting. Your post made me rethink using both BB and foundation.

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    1. I haven’t done any other reviews for base products but I am definitely thinking of doing some more! I also struggle with lasting power on foundations. Estee Lauder Double Wear is expensive but is the best I have found for lasting full coverage so far. Thank you for reading! X

      Liked by 1 person

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