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Review: Clio Kill Black Brush Pen Liner

Months ago, my search for a great black pen eye liner ended. I’d been looking for a nice one since I first got into makeup, trying out brands like the Maybelline Master Precise, Revlon ColorStay and Eyeko Fat pen liners, but none of these could hold up on my oily eyelids for long. Instead, I just use them for practising my wings instead of real days out.

Let me introduce to you today, the one pen liner that has beaten the rest to being my favourite.

CLIO’s Kill Black Brush Pen Liner

Brand: CLIO
Product Name: Kill Black Brush Pen Liner (not to be confused with the Felt Pen Version, which of course has a felt-tip style applicator) It costs about $9.71 (£7.46) with free shipping from
Store: Jolse – shipping included in their prices. Their orders take about two weeks to reach me in the UK.
Cost: It costs about $9.71 (£7.46).

There weren’t many pen liners with brush tips – I was surprised to find that the big favourite, Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Liner, was also a brush-tip style pen liner and since then I do remember hearing of more brands releasing brush tip pen liners but can’t remember which. Anyway, I may have actually just found a dupe for a £16 liner without really trying! GO ME.



The Brush Pen Liner is deceiving on first use because I couldn’t get any ink running out of it, but afterwards it was perfect and I got a super black line. The brush tip is also flexible and really easy to use for me and the bristles never split. I can get a quick sharp flick with this! You are supposed to clean the tip regularly to prevent debris from getting trapped and affecting application, but I keep forgetting to until I really need to, which isn’t often.



This is the cincher when it comes to products going on my eyelid, and this is also where this eyeliner delivers. When I rub at the swatch on my hands, it doesn’t smudge easily, however on my eyes I don’t rub that hard anyways.

When I tried the water test, I found that the liner was fairly, but not completely, waterproof. The colour lifted slightly resulting in fading, but the liner won’t run and smear horribly, which is a total plus.

At the end of the day, my winged liner looks just as sharp as it did when I first applied, without looking smudged at all. At the same time, the build up of oils means it comes off remarkably well with water or a gentle cleanser – so no scrubbing with this.

Overall, I really, really love this eyeliner, and I will be rushing to repurchase it once it runs dry. Nothing else I have tried even comes close!

If you have oily eyelids, let me know what your favourite eyeliner is, so I might check it out too!

I hope you found this helpful, and thank you for reading!



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