Review: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #01 Dark Brown

Third in my hypothetical eye makeup series, an eye pencil! I’m calling it a series because, believe it or not, I batch-photographed the photos for my recent reviews all at once… almost two months ago. Then I recently thought to myself ‘huh, I’m sure I already reviewed those things’ when I hadn’t. So I went to dig out the photos and here we are.

I have full brows, so I’m definitely on the good side of the current trends at the moment! But whilst I got away with not doing anything to them for years, I have noticed recently that if I don’t fill them in, they look bare against my full-coverage makeup, which finally spurred me to buy an brow pencil. I’m not shelling out for a pricey brow tool though, so I just ordered this for the price of a bubble tea.

Brand: Etude House, a Korean line famous for cute packaging, cute celeb endorsements, and sheet masks.
Product Name: Drawing Eye Brow
Store: Jolse, a Korea-based webstore. Orders take 2 weeks to arrive to the UK.
Cost:  $3.98 USD (about £3.20)

Packaging: No cardboard box, this comes with a silver stickered seal so you know it’s new. It’s an automatic pencil with an isosceles-ish triangle shape (or maybe it’s scalene) and the mechanism is kinda loose, so I have to do a lot of twirling to bring up the product.

The product itself seems to be hard enough not to break inside the packaging, but at the same time I never wind it out too much anyway. On the other end of the pencil, there is a spoolie thing for brushing your brows out and softening edges if you so wish. I can’t do harsh brows – an Instagram Brow on me would look like Rock Lee from Naruto and I have childhood memories of someone saying I had those brows long before I started doing anything to them!



The pigment on this is really soft, not as intense as an eyeliner, but I’ll be honest, I’d be really intimidated by anything with lots of pigment! This level of pigmentation is fine for filling in the eyebrows. I just fill them in a little and give them some shape – I don’t bother with sharp lines. For what I use it for, this product works well.

I have East Asian, Very-Dark Brown/Not-Black hair and this is possibly a touch too light to match, but I can get away with it because thick brows don’t need that much help. As you might be able to tell by the shade name, Dark Brown, this is their darkest brown in the range and appears rather warm. 



It does wear off over the course of the day but not that I notice it very much! I feel fine leaving the pencil at home and forgetting about my brows when I go out. Surprisingly, of the brow products I’ve tried (this one and two I borrowed off my Mom) they all seem to last decently even if I have oily skin. Perhaps my view may change over time as I try out more.

Overall, I do like this eye pencil and how amazingly affordable it is, which I think makes it worth a shot for anybody. I probably will repurchase it, but I’ll also be trying out more brow products in the future so it won’t be the only one I reach for.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review helpful!



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