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Review: MAC FutureForward X LeeHi

One of the big draws of Korean Beauty is all our favourite idols promoting them. From products selling out because members of EXO use them, to ranges selling well because faces like Yoona and Suzy are representing the brand, K-Beauty treats us well.
The two worlds of K-Beauty and Western Beauty rarely cross, so being from the UK the last thing I expected was for my favourite songstress to do a collaboration with MAC.
Lee Hi is a 21-year-old singer under YG Entertainment, known for her soulful and jazzy vocals and for being the runner-up in KpopStar. She is rumoured to be coming back soon-ish and after two amazing albums, ‘First Love’ and ‘Seoulite’, I can’t wait to hear what she does next.
Ever since this was announced I was checking the MAC website for news of its UK release. This sold out at least within days of the US release but it took a solid two months for it to finally roll out here. As far as I know, this is an online-only release. It released days before Nicki Minaj’s collaboration so I imagine it has been vastly overshadowed by that, too.
Lee Hi decided to create a deep Red in MAC’s Matte Formula. This is actually my first proper MAC lipstick, and I was surprised to see how similar it felt to Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Kate Matte formula. You all probably already know, but it’s a soft, creamy finish, not a hard matte.
The shade is very universally flattering, too, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll be honest and say it’s not what I expected a Lee Hi lipstick to be (I associate her with a rosy pink) but more recently she has opted to present a mature, modern image and I think this colour choice reflects that.
To be honest, there are probably a million colours like this out there and my main reason for purchasing this was to support Lee Hi, so unless you’re a deprived fan (we don’t get enough of her at all lol) you can quite probably quite easily find a dupe out there.
Funnily enough my first outing with this lipstick on was for G Dragon’s concert in Birmingham! It was good timing, really. This wore well throughout my whole day with light snacks. The colour looked a tiny bit patchy and uneven by the end of the night but at that point, it had been 9 hours and I think that’s great.
I’m not sure it would hold up with greasier foods but those of you who arent MAC noobs will know. If you also are not familiar with MAC lipsticks like me, I will try to update this after a few more wears, but this really seems remarkably similar to the Lasting Finish.
TL;DR I bought this because Lee Hi is to me what Nicki Minaj is to everyone else but admittedly this is not mind-blowing and I am yet to sink my next paycheck in MAC stuff.

What collaborations would have you apologising to your wallet immediately?

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