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Review: NYX Butter Gloss in Praline

Hi everyone!
Liquid matte lips are still really big at the moment, but recently I have really been wanting to try super-glossy finishes. I recently started University and that means going from almost never going outside at all during my gap year to leaving the house four or five times a week to study or work. My natural lip colour ranges from underwhelming to washed-out on a bad day, and ever since I discovered lip colours I am loathe to find myself out of the house without something on.
Bleeding dark colours are common in anything that isn’t a sturdy matte, so I have been looking for a very pigmented nude gloss or lacquer for those days where my usual selection of mattes won’t cut it anymore, and my lips are flaking and dry.
I’m all for lip prep, but there are days where my lips look fine but feel tight and I know they are just going to start flaking over the course of the day. Nightly lip masks are normal for me but my lips look perfectly okay at night, it’s just the daytime!
Anyway, whilst glosses have taken a backseat in the beauty industry there are still a few options available for a glossy but glitter-less finish. I treated myself to one or two to have a try.

NYX is still a popular, trendy brand at the moment, and besides their classic Soft Matte Lip Cream, the Butter Gloss seems to be another choice favourite. I picked up the shade Praline. It costs £5.50 for 8ml, and comes in a small, portable tube with a standard doe-foot applicator.

There’s not much to say about this other than that it’s cheap and cheerful and very sticky like most glosses. The nude shade doesn’t show up that much on my lips so I like to layer it on top of a nude liner or lipstick. Lastly, it smells divine – like vanilla, I think.

Overall, if you happen to be feeling in a glossy mood, this is a fine choice to tide you over.

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