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Review: Primark PS… Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone!

Today I have a review for you of a palette from Primark’s in-house ‘PS…’ brand. Primark lipliners have unexpectedly been some of my favourites, but it’s been a while since I tried anything else from their makeup line. I received this palette as a Christmas present from my friend Nicole. It has a lovely range of nude shades with a mix of shimmers and mattes, and I was excited to give it a shot!

It’s housed in a cardboard packaging with a magnetic fastening that is very light and has no mirror, but does the job. The packaging is fairly simply decorated but it still looks nice. The shade names are printed on one of those pieces of plastic I tend to lose almost instantly.

The shades:

  • Panacotta – a shimmery cool white highlight.
  • Bleached Blonde – a light, shimmery warm pink shade.
  • Barely Berry – a glittery purply pink.
  • Skinny Dipping – a light, shimmery muted coral.
  • Cafe Creme – a shimmery light brown.
  • Brown Bare – a mid-toned matte mauve.
  • Wood Nymph – a shimmery chocolate brown.
  • Summer Solstice – a cool matte taupe.
  • Underdressed – a very dark, cool brown that’s almost black.
  • Caught Red-Handed – a deep shimmery red-toned brown.

Overall, it’s a nice selection of shades with one chunky glitter, six shimmery shades and three mattes. The shimmer is not as noticeable on some shades like Skinny Dipping and Cafe Creme though, and those are also the two shades I imagine I will use up the most! On the other hand, I may never touch Pannacotta, as lovely as it is. Perhaps it would be good as a base shade? Four of the shades are cooler toned and I am really into warmer tones at the moment but I am still using those well.

Also, I think most of these shades I already have in my small assortment of palettes but I like that they’re all in one palette now.


Forgive the goosebumps, my arms got a bit cold…

Here are the same swatches in Golden Hour lighting. You can see the sheen in Wood Nymph and Caught Red-Handed a bit better here.

As for the lasting power, that’s not necessarily an issue for me with a good eye primer. The pigmentation takes a bit of building up, which is what I had to do with these swatches, but they blend well enough for me. Glittery shades like Barely Berry are better applied with the finger and still turn out quite chunky.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent everyday palette that shows (yet again) that we probably shouldn’t overlook the beauty section in Primark!

Until next time,


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Lipstick last worn: TBA

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