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Books of 2018 #2: Golden Son by Pierce Brown (and also getting to meet him!!)

Hi everyone!

Last year, I was gifted Red Rising by my best friend, Tray, and really enjoyed it. However, I’m really bad with series and often never pick up the next book in the fear that it just won’t be as good. This is often why I reach for standalone books instead.

I heard that Pierce Brown was visiting Birmingham though and instantly snapped up tickets as well as the remaining books in the Red Rising Trilogy. Then it occurred to me that I might want to make a start on the books since the talk and signing were for the first instalment of the second, sequel trilogy, and I might hear some spoilers. Not that it mattered much – I don’t seem to remember them by the time I get around to reading them!

It was on a Wednesday (31st January) that just so happened to be a really, really sucky day. It was one of those days where I could have done everything to lift my mood and still feel awful. But stories about my mental health are for another day…

This particular Wednesday, I trekked off to uni and by the time I hit the city centre I knew it was going to end up a day off. I wasn’t even in the mood to shop and treat myself. I ended up buying a pretzel and cosying up to a corner of the Waterstones Cafe for six hours, reading as much of Golden Son as I could. I had to take regular breathers.

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about a heartless character death that lifts my mood a bit. Flick a page of Golden Son and suddenly someone is dead. It could be anyone and the question is not who, but when? I’d close the book and be two steps from laughing. I was actually feeling a bit giddy by the time I had to actually go upstairs to the event.

You know when authors talk about their favourite dead characters and we either laugh or stare at them in horror? Pierce Brown is another kind of writer. He’ll have whole character arcs ready before deciding to kill one off at the pick of a hat. Literally. I know, it’s EVIL. Pierce Brown is the kind of writer I want to be when I’m all grown up… let’s ignore the fact I’m not a teenager anymore!

By the time I made it home, my mood did a total 180 and I ended up back where I was in the morning. Then I spotted this photo on my camera.

(In the words of my friend, AT: “Pierce Brown is sorta hot – in the redneck kind of way…” and that, I do not disagree with…)

It’s now almost a month later as I type this last bit. I’ve finally finished the book and it was relentlessly death-filled and emotional. I think I even enjoyed it much more than Red Rising! Even though I didn’t have much to read to finish, I need to take a break before I start on book three, Morning Star. I can imagine that it will just as action-packed.

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “Books of 2018 #2: Golden Son by Pierce Brown (and also getting to meet him!!)”

  1. How wonderful that you got to meet the author, he looks totally cheeky in that shot with you and so glad that you enjoyed reading the book as well.

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