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Review: Sleek Metallic Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Roman Copper

Hi everyone!
When I decided to not buy any new lipsticks during 2018, I popped all of my fresh new lipsticks purchased in the sale into a box and stuffed it where it would be too much effort to take out. In fact, I popped every one of my new makeup purchases in there. Probably a good idea, because I’d otherwise end up with one too many open mascaras and other miscellaneous items.


But anyway, I was very tempted to open Sleek’s Metallic Matte Me Lip Cream in Roman Copper a bit earlier than planned, because from the online swatches I could see it was an unusual shade and wanted some time to experiment with it. I’d bought it in the Boxing Day Sale in a set with the infamous Solstice palette for half price! Normally the Metallic Matte Me Lip Creams cost £4.99 each.
The shade itself is a very pale… well, copper shade. I don’t know about you, but copper to me was always something like a reddish tone so, for anyone who thinks the same way, it’s a pale gold. It’s very shimmery so the yellow in this shade is not overpowering which I admit I may have been a little worried about.
It’s certainly not a shade I would ever wear alone. It’s a bit too pale for that. It can also apply a little patchy and in order to fully cover the lips, you would need to dip the brush back in the tube quite a few more times.
So some matte lipsticks, like Colourpop’s,  are also able to be wiped off at the end of the day even if they’re supposedly steadfast. This, however, won’t transfer at all or wipe off easily. It feels very light and stays on better than a super-sticky post-it note, and requires your special makeup remover for the most stubborn of your makeup.
Overall, this really isn’t for me. I’m surprised that they decided to include this in a Christmas gift set but it looks like it was included in the hopes people would buy it for the Solstice palette…
Would you ever wear this particular shade of lip?

Until next time,


Days since I last bought lipstick: 77


2 thoughts on “Review: Sleek Metallic Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Roman Copper”

  1. I think metallic lips are not for me at all. On some people they look rather stunning, but I can’t imagine myself being comfortable with wearing one. I am trying out Sleek makeup at the moment too! Really like their Contour palette (the trio with the blush, highlight, contour) but I think I’m not so much a fan of their matte liquid lipstick.

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