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Snap Review: Bourjois Rouge Lacque in Jolie Brune

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas!

I’ve been slacking off on reviewing the lipsticks in my holdover box throughout the lipstick ban so I want to get this one out of the way, ASAP. Bourjois’ Rouge Lacque comes in a small tube of 6ml for £8.99. You can often find it in Superdrug, Boots and FeelUnique, and I often see it in offers of 1/3 off or 3 for 2.

To be honest, I’m not fully satisfied with this photo – was it the lighting, the lack of creativity with the arrangement? I don’t know. I don’t like it.

The shade Jolie Brune instantly struck me as the lacquer version of their Beau Brun in the Velvet range and looking at their other shades, it seems like most of the shades in this range have a Velvet equivalent. On my lips and when swatched, this was even more apparent – the shades are almost identical. However, the colour is more intense and not as soft a finish as with the Velvet range.

Unlike other lacquers, this isn’t just a super-pigmented gloss. It’s not even super glossy. The texture is unlike other products in this category that I have tried before. It is a little sticky as is typical, but it is not slick when applied like a gloss, and it applies very thinly and opaquely.

It has a unique and slightly odd scent which is slightly more potent compared to the Rouge Velvet and it has a cooling effect when applied to the lips.

I don’t think the applicator picks up enough product for me but I did not mind dipping in twice to get more product. Twice was enough for a softer finish but for bolder lines on fuller lips you may want to dip in more.

When first applied colour can appear quite bold but it wears down to a softer, MLBB finish. Of course, you may have to top up the colour on the inner lips after eating, but I didn’t see a horribly noticeable difference with this particular shade. It wears down to a cream finish similar to in a bullet lipstick, which is quite nice.

However, I will admit there is something about the scent and cooling effect that makes me reach less for this product. On top of that, since researching more into cruelty-free products I have noticed that Bourjois is not cruelty-free so I will abstain from buying more of their products. I’ll explain more about my position on this topic in the coming year.

Overall, this remains one of my HG lip shades and to have it in an even more comfortable form suitable for the summer is amazing and thankfully, what I expected when I picked this up.

Until next time,


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