A Spotlight On Haircare.

Hi Everyone!

I have never written about haircare before although I’ve been meaning to, so I thought I’d finally do it! This is mostly just going to be just me nattering ON and ON about whatever I’ve been using or have used recently.

Up until a few years ago, I was using the same hairdresser since my childhood. I was fully appreciative of the work she did with my hair – she fixed my fringe after I tried to cut it myself when I was about six! So I was pretty devastated when she closed up shop.

I think I’ve found another hairdresser I like now, luckily. It’s a bit more expensive as I’m picking stylists in the city centre now but I find that I don’t mind it! Much better than spending less at the nearest salon on a cut I am not fully happy with. I’m finding that recently I’m willing to invest in my hair a bit more which is great when I have the money.

I’ve bleached my hair only twice, the first time being over a year ago whilst I was in Vietnam. We used the Knight & Wilson Colour Freedom Cream Bleach, before dying it reddish purple with a L’Oreal shade. I’ve been experimenting with varieties of purple ever since before finally trying a semi-permanent blue over the last month. I’ve gradually learned that my hair doesn’t hold on to dye well at all unless my hair has been bleached at least once.

I used Schwarzkopf Live for quite a while – both their permanent dyes and semi-permanent purples. However, I later switched to the Colour Freedom semi-permanent colours. They’re super vivid and come in giant 150ml bottles for £6.99. With my mid-length hair it was probably enough for two full head applications. Since I didn’t dye my whole head, just the bleached ends, I was able to use it twice with plenty of leftover for top ups! On top of that, it doesn’t smell of the typical hair dye smell – it smells fruity!! The pictured bottle is meant to be all-white – it just got dyed blue after being used a few times but I like the look!

Most recently I re-bleached my hair with Bleach London’s Dip Dye formula, and then dyed it with a new bottle of Bleach London’s Blullini. Bleach London happens to be vegan and cruelty-free, which is a great bonus, although their packs are a bit big for Superdrug’s shelves and often get squashed in. I think I like the Colour Freedom bleach more as it takes my brown-black hair closer to blonde in one shot whilst Bleach London’s isn’t as strong, but this is definitely personal preference based on your own hair type. Again, Blullini was a little disappointing as I wasn’t aware it was more of a light blue wash than anything.

For the gym, I tried out a travel bottle of Superdrug’s own brand shampoo, which is cruelty-free but I found it super drying on my hair. My hair isn’t too fussy with shampoo normally so I knew something was wrong right away. I switched to Aussie’s Macadamia shampoo and it’s much better! I’ll probably buy some travel pump bottles and decant my hair products and shower gels for the gym in future.

I have also been enjoying the big bottle of Herbal Essences’ Bio Renew shampoo – which smells delicious. It’s one of those products Mom picked up randomly but the entire family ends up using anyway. The Andrew Barton Full-On Volume Conditioner was a spontaneous choice as we were running low, but it was only £4 at Asda at the time and it’s cruelty-free which is a plus.

For the occasion when I do dry my hair or straighten it, I do have a heat shield spray from Colour Freedom. It’s a huge bottle and I have two due to a Superdrug launch deal, but I don’t just use it for heat priming. I also use it as a general styling spray in place of water, to re-wet my fringe and get it to dry flat or to tame the odd flyaway. It also helps when I’ve overdone it with the dry shampoo. It could work with any wet hair spray, just spray it on top of the overdone dry shampoo sections and brush it through again – that usually helps with white cast a lot if I haven’t thought ahead and used it overnight.

Speaking of dry shampoo, I always use Batiste. There was a time that I tried CoLab, but what I look for in my dry shampoo is the ability to de-grease my hair on day 2 or 3 after washing, and CoLab did absolutely nothing in that respect. My favourite of the Batiste scents is the Rose Gold as it’s not obnoxiously sweet like the Candy and Cherry flavours – although my sister, the sweet tooth, loves them.

There we have it, a run-down of my recent hair history. To bring this up to date though, my hair is in an outgrown bob of which I have attempted to dip-dye the lower half. The dyed sections came out a little uneven but that can be fixed with another attempt, I think.

Let me know if you have any hair product recommendations!

Until next time,


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