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An Eventful Bold Lip Edit

Hi Everyone!

Lots of events are happening this fortnight for me that are going to warrant a red lip. From Lunar New Year to one-year-anniversary celebrations with my boyfriend, to Valentines and then my birthday. I wanted to share the red lipsticks up for consideration for each event… Not counting the fact that I am wearing bold lips most days of the week at the moment!!

TWenty Swans

For Lunar New Year which has already passed, you could technically wear any red. However, I associate it with classic red or slightly orangey tones, nothing that could be considered too pink or berry, so I took out Rimmel Lasting Finish in 111 Kiss of Life.

My anniversary plans with my boyfriend are actually split across two days due to time constraints – first up a meal that is going to need a hard-wearing lipstick, then a cinema trip the next day. I’m planning to wear Lottie London’s Glitter Switch in Ravenous, which isn’t as boldly glittery as the original Ciate Glitter Flip, but a more accessible option.

I originally popped it in this post thinking it was a bold red, but turns out it’s a bold berry with pink shimmer more like metallic sheen than full glitter. It’s cute and romantic anyway despite the name so I can’t wait to wear it then. A full review will come in the next few months maybe, haha!

TWenty Swans (1)

For our cinema trip, and probably for Valentines’ too, I’ll be wearing Smashbox’s Legendary. For Valentine’s Day, I actually have no plans with the boyfriend just because our anniversary is so close. I’ll just be going to lectures and the gym afterwards, and maybe picking up a chocolate muffin for the boyf, so I’d like something comfortable and cute.

Lastly, for my own birthday, I’ll be wearing NARS Dragon Girl, of course!! I have no plans for the day yet but it’ll probably involve eating food and spending the day with my uni friends as I have no lectures that day!

What red lip will you be sporting this February?

Until next time,



1 thought on “An Eventful Bold Lip Edit”

  1. I love the look of the smash box lippie! Me and my boyf are doing pretty much the same as you a trip to the cinema and then a meal out together, I think I’ll probably wear Persistence my MAC as I love the colour and it has some holding power! Lovely post xx


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