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A Spontaneous Destash #1

Recently I did a quick thing with my skincare stash, sort of a Konmari thing although I haven’t had the time to do it to my room properly yet. I imagine the local charity stores will be very well stocked when I do!

The way I destash my makeup is usually to put items I don’t use in a holdover bag, and let it sit there for a bit. It might go to a trade or to relatives, but after a while, I’ll go through it again for anything I do miss and chuck the rest. You may think it’s a waste, but most of the time it’s older makeup or not treated well and items I wouldn’t be comfortable selling or passing on second-hand. Obviously, the real solution is to cut back a bit on my purchases in the first place, though.

I found a few items of skincare that had to go, and originally took photos for an Instagram post although I thought I may as well share them here as the list got longer. I also have photos I took as I originally intended to review them and did not.

I have first here, three items from the Ordinary: Their Adherance Silicone Primer, Azelaic Acid Suspension and Niacinamide and Zinc solution. I actually stuck them in a first impressions post almost two years ago, and these are the same ones! I also still have the niacinamide and was extra reluctant to put that one on the pile for some reason, but that product will also be going.

In the end, none of these products truly worked for me so that’s why I didn’t finish them. It’s not that they were unpleasant to use either but I just didn’t feel anything special. I guess this is where ‘Skintertainment’ comes in – they weren’t awesome but the user experience wasn’t super pleasant either, and these products made me realise that it’s more important to me than I thought.

Next, the Origins Ginzing mini I picked up years ago. This was too rich for me even as an overnight mask and it might have broken me out a few times, but I’m sure at one point its cult status lead me to think about giving it another try… Quite a few times.

My Biore UV CC Milk isn’t out of date just yet, but I don’t like using it. It’s patchy and settles into my cheek pores and looks less nice on my face compared to its regular, but white-casty, counterpart. I actually have two bottles of the normal UV milk to go through but as I’ve not been obsessed with matte textures or using makeup on top recently I’ve been neglecting my sunscreen…


Pixi Brow Tamer sounds like a hit but is a miss for me. I’ve only ever tried two brow gel type products and this one is the lesser of the two. The hold is very minimal on my brows although someone else might appreciate that it feels like nothing at all and not crispy on the brows or anything. I also decided here that I do in fact like a little bit of pigment in my gels to fill my brows on a heavier makeup day. I bought this in a set with their Lower Lash Mascara which I do like and is a western dupe of the Innisfree Skinny Microcara.

Urban Decay Troublemaker is long due to be destashed as I opened it this time last year. It’s just been sitting in my stash. It’s one of the more expensive mascaras I own (despite winning it in a giveaway) which is probably why I kept it so long. You can see from my review here that I wasn’t all too impressed.


Next we have the Revlon All In One Mascara, which has just been put aside for a newer one in my stash. I opened it after Troublemaker and its time has passed too now. It’s okay… Not bad, not great either. I did like the short bristles – it took longer to apply it to my lashes and actually tended to make more of a mess, but the overall results were nice.

Lastly, I think I bought this Rimmel White Kohl liner after seeing a thing about how it makes the eyes pop. If anything, it makes my eyes look more dead as it’s so bright!! I don’t touch it, so it has to go.

I have more to destash, which I will definitely share soon! There’s still the lipsticks, after all…

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “A Spontaneous Destash #1”

  1. Last year, I bought a lot of sunscreen. I must have bought about 4 or 5 and honestly, I hated 2 of them. One being an Innisfree product which I was expecting to be a lot better than what it was but agh! I can’t even feel comfortable using them underneath makeup but it seems a waste to just chuck it. Might after just have to chuck it though.

    I’m going Hong Kong soon and will definitely be picking up some sunscreen favourites though!

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    1. Honestly, sunscreen is a surprisingly picky area of skincare! There’s lots of new releases recently but I’m not sure what to commit to trying at the moment!

      Have fun in Hong Kong, though!! X


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