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The First Blog Giveaway! (UK ONLY)

This is long overdue, but I have been meaning to hold a giveaway for months now! The original idea was to do a smaller, test/practice giveaway so I have experience holding future ones, and this is the smaller giveaway – although I may have gone overboard a bit…! The Blog 4th Anniversary just passed as well and this post comes out on my birthday, so the timing is about right!

The items aren’t SUPER DUPER special (student budget, y’all), but I did make sure to include both items I have used and loved, and brands that are generally a hit. I’ll say a bit more about the items I have chosen to include below. I will admit that quite a few of these items I got lucky with and found on sale. I do happen to love shopping for other people, except my shopping take is very much through sales!

Next time, though, I want to include perhaps one luxury item (most likely lipstick) and more Asian Beauty. Let me know what you want to have included under these categories! I also want to do perhaps a book giveaway in the theme of this year’s book ban.

So… do y’all want books?

What Asian Beauty have you been dying to try?

Would you want more quality over quantity in the giveaway box?

More high-end over high-street?

Is there a product I’ve reviewed that you’ve love to try yourself?

Disclaimer: It’s my first giveaway, so if things go horribly wrong, which they hopefully won’t, my apologies in advance.


Here is what I’ve included in the Giveaway box!

  1. Golden Sun Flower Sheet Mask x2 – I have quite a few of these and I did genuinely enjoy this mask so I thought it would be nice to share.
  2. Lancome Poeme & La Vie Est Belle mini perfume – Not much to say about these ones except they smell cute and I have way too much perfume for someone who doesn’t use it.
  3. La Roche Posay samples – I picked up doubles of these samples, so here! A chance to try out some of their range.
  4. L’Oreal Micellar Water – A cute dinky lil travel size to try.
  5. Revolution Reloaded Palettes in Newtrals 2 & Iconic Division – I own the original Neutrals VS Newtrals and I adore the warm reddish shades. Iconic Division… just looked super pretty haha!
  6. Essence Make Me Brow in Browny Brown– an apparent dupe for many high-end brow gels, this does the job for a measly £2.50, but I do love it a lot so have included it in case Essence is less accessible to you (mine doesn’t stock it either, I have to order it online!). Browny Brown is a dark brown shade so apologies if it doesn’t match you.
  7. KIKO Lip Mask – A little treat for when the lips are irritated. I got one for myself and actually really liked it as a last minute lip soother.
  8. KIKO Water Eyeshadow in 208 – I really like the water eyeshadow formula and have the same product in a coral shade. This is a beautiful glowy light gold shade that might also make a good highlighter! KIKO is also cruelty-free and generally really nice quality, so I have always been meaning to try out more of their stuff!
  9. Muji Travel Sizes – I have recently used their cleansing oil and love it, so I am giving away some of their minis. Here, I’ve included the mini Cleansing Oil and Moisturising Milk Light.
  10. Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Cherry Pop (Mini) – One of my favourite lipsticks, I have acquired a spare but I am barely into my first one so it’s much better off in this giveaway!
  11. Two ABH Single Eyeshadows – I found these at TK Maxx!! For £4 ish each?? They normally retail for £12!! Whilst I’ve never used ABH, I know the brand is well-loved. I don’t really have a use for shadows at the moment as I have palettes I want to make progress on, so I hope someone else will also love this steal as they’re getting it free LOL! The shades are Brick, a matte clay red, and Comfort, a shimmery dark brown.
  12. Makeup Revolution Magnetic Palette. I included the empty palette just in case the winner doesn’t have a magnetic palette to house their new single shadows!

As for how much this is all worth, I’m not sure as many are minis, but I’d estimate it to be at least £60, which again… is hefty for a student budget!


Rules and Pointers:

  1. You must not know me IRL. I’m sorry, friends.
  2. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions below!
    It’s mostly just focusing on my twitter and insta, so you don’t HAVE to comment here on WordPress (which I know a lot of you might not have an account for, anyway) so it’s just there as a bonus…
  3. UK ONLY. Purely because I don’t want to mess up for this first giveaway and I think there are postal restrictions on perfume… Depending on how this one goes, I’ll open it up to more countries next time!
  4. Giveaway ends 05/03/19, at 11:59pm.
    I’ll be picking and contacting the winner in the following weeks, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t unfollow me right away. I’ll announce when the draw happens but not who the winner is, at least not without their consent.

Link to Rafflecopter Giveaway HERE

I hope you guys like this, and good luck if you decide to enter!

Lots of Love,


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