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Review and Lament: Rosette Ceramide Gel

So… I wasn’t going to blog about this product separately but, in the end, I felt I had to!!

You see, I had been wishlisting this product for a solid half year before I eventually bought it in the low points of its fluctuating price on Amazon, for a lovely £8. I also had a lot of other heavier moisturisers on the go that have since been destashed, so this jar was left unopened for most of the year. I was also aware of the product’s heavier texture and didn’t feel the need to open it until last winter.


Just as it arrived, news broke out that it got discontinued. To this day that kind of baffles me because it was such a firm favourite online. Nevertheless, I was hoping that, once I opened it, I’d not love it so it wouldn’t break my heart once it was gone. I’m actually madder that I like this product because now I still have to replace it.

As the name suggests, the Rosette Ceramide gel is a gel type moisturiser chock full of Ceramides to help with skin healing. It might not be rich enough for drier skin types who might still want to layer this with something occlusive on top, but it’s perfect if not a little heavy for me. It should be applied towards the end of your routine – for me, it’s the last step, but for drier skin types you may still want to continue layering with a heavy cream.


This stuff has almost single handedly saved my skin from temperamental winter dryness. Due to the fluctuating temperatures this winter in the UK my skin got lovely dry patches that were even peeling and bleeding a little at one point, and I have oily, dehydrated skin so this was really unheard of in my personal skin history. I’ve had dryness before but never to that extent. I normally don’t even require a heavy moisturiser so I don’t even use an occlusive, just two emulsions. I only take out something heavier or occlusive for emergencies like this. I just applied a lil pea sized amount all over my face.


My dryness cleared up in 2 days. It healed the scabbing dry area in 3 days! I was SHOOK. and while I can’t be sure it was solely the Ceramide gel and won’t be able to test again due to my dry condition being very rare, it was the only new addition to my routine at the time. Since then I have used it when my skin is feeling particularly parched and my skin loves it. *I* love it. It’s the first product I have bought from recommendations online that lived up to 100% of its hype.

If my skin was being normal I would probably not have noticed a difference, to be honest, but since my skin was struggling a little I was able to notice the healing effects of the gel.

Now I am going to be sad as I slather on a bit more because it’ll be the only tub of opportunity I have to love this product.

Until next time,


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