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Destashing My Makeup #2

Recently, I did a spontaneous destash of my skincare and some other makeup, but of course, there was MORE. I’ve been insanely inspired and simultaneously horrified by various blogger declutters as while my collection is nowhere near as large, I still struggle to use everything up. Part of me wants to use everything up and part of me needs justification to buy MORE.

Of the ones that aren’t pictured, the most notably destashed are the Colourpop Ultra Matte lipsticks, of which I gave away every single one. They weren’t too drying and were one of the much more comfier formulas of liquid lipstick out there as well as being amazingly long-wearing, but my personal preference has changed to plushy, non-liquid formulas that are just as bold. Liquid formulas also have a shorter shelf-life which isn’t ideal for someone who might not get around to wearing it for half a year like me!!

I haven’t reached for the Maybelline Colour Tattoos in Metallic Pomegranate and Timeless Black in years. I tend to prefer low key looks for my eyes, and when I do go for colours like red I most often use a powder shadow. I’ve kept two other neutral shades because they work great as quick bases. I bought these a while back when I wanted to experiment with eye makeup and now that’s over and I know what I like, these don’t have much use for me any more.

My pot of Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder is actually empty, but for some reason I’ve left it lying around still and have been reluctant to dispose of it. I may actually repurchase this because the other loose powder I have is Skinfood’s and the company is going bankrupt last I heard, which is a real shame!!

My New Look Pure Colour eyeshadow stick is probably quite old now as New Look have since revamped their range, and while it’s a decent product I haven’t touched it in a year or so either. It’s a nice champagne shade albeit a bit chunky, which I bought to experiment with highlighting on my eyes.

I’ve been hoarding these sample mascaras from MAC and Lancôme for a long time now so they have to go. The Lancôme Khol pencil is a remnant of a gift set and various attempts to get khol to stay on my eyes without making me look like a panda. I’ve learned since that it’s not for me, but gel liners do the job perfectly.

Smash box’s Insta Matte Lipstick Transformer is not something I see the point of. It’s essentially just a layer of silicone on the lips and you are probably better off just blotting normally.

Benefit’s High Brow is a promising looking product except its not in my shade at all and is far too pink for me. I got this in a set with full size Galifornia Blush and Roller Lash so I couldn’t complain too much about this inclusion, though.

Many of my other liquid lipsticks are going… The NYX Liquid Suede in Stone Fox has been in my stash too long for something I wear only once a year if at all (for everyday takes on Halloween), the metallic edition in Mauve Mist was a gift on my list to experiment as it swatched on my hand beautifully but is wildly unflattering on me, as is the Sleek Matte Me Metallic in Roman Copper. The Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer in Unreal is a little too pale for me and actually too pigmented to work with a darker liner – I am not into the ombre look but often adjust colours with layering.

I did love the Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense in #16 Velvet Red, but again, moving a little away from matte shades has meant that this has not been reached for at all compared to the similar Beau Brun and now Jolie Brune. I just did not reach for it all this year so I think it’s time that it left, but let it be known that it’s still a solid recommendation from me. Mamonde have recently redesigned their packaging for these.

The formula of Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast lipstick in Bare It All is fantastic for the price of a cup of coffee, but the packaging is very easily breakable. The lid has shattered causing the lid to often detach in my bag making it a no for travel and this has probably exposed this particular tube to a lot of bacteria. Again, a solid recommendation in terms of formula and quality, but as I carry around my lipsticks a lot this one is a no-go for repurchasing. Wet ‘n’ Wild have recently become available in Boots so it’s very accessible in the UK now! I’m so tempted to pick up different shades but not with that packaging!

I requested NYX lip products as gifts last year so I did get quite a few. Their Soft Matte Lip Cream in Zurich was a gift from Tray. The shade is promising and I like the formula for short outings, but in the end, it’s also not for me. It’s a bit light and corally for my skin tone and I think would suit a slightly paler skin tone to mine.

TWenty Swans

NARS Rikugien – yes, I made a decision on this and now my nude phase is pretty much over, I think it’s time to get rid of this one. Again, I’ve had it a while anyway and I like noticeable colour. It would be great for a no-makeup makeup if that was up my street. The same reasoning goes for Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Bare Pop which has only been used once or twice so I’ll be passing it on to someone else who might like a very slight touch of colour on their lips.

I have a tester version of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate 107 that’s messy looking and has been lying around for so long I can’t remember how I obtained it in the first place! Probably off Ebay or something.

Lastly, I have NARS Train Bleu and NARS Yu in their Velvet Matte and Satin formulas respectively. I’m actually tempted to keep these solely for comparison swatch purposes as I know they’re popular reference shades but personally, I don’t really use them. Train Bleu is the last super deep shade I own. It’s patchy and wears off quite fast so it’s not the best of the lip pencils at all. The last time I wore it was to Paramore’s concert in Birmingham last year. Yu is an almost glossy bright pink which I got after seeing it on other bloggers (most notably whatdaisywears) and looks great on those paler cooler skin tones but pulls almost neon on me making it a no. By chance, I also recently obtained a similar shade that looks a lot better on me, so that is the one I’ll be keeping.

That’s most of the lip products! I am still using up the last little bits of mostly-empty products, reorganising other bits, and most importantly properly taking stock of what I own. Lipstick will always be my weakness, though!!

Until next time,


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