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[Review] Lottie London X Thuy Le Glitter Switch Liquid Lipstick in Ravenous

I’ve been heart-eyed at the Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipsticks recently, as novelty as they are. Imagine… Lipsticks going from Matte to glitter for a night out!! Although I can’t see the use beyond that…

Price: £6.95

Cruelty-Free? Yes.
Sell in China? No.
Vegan? Yes.

I was wandering in Superdrug before noticing that Lottie London have a dupe called Glitter Switch, with the same concept. None of the shades in their original lineup appealed to me (I wouldn’t wear nude on a night out with this concept lip) but they had a collaboration running with the YouTuber Thuy Le. I picked up two of their Glitter switches, one for a friend and one for myself. They’re £6.95 which is just about a third of the Ciate version, and the shade I have is Ravenous, a deep pinky red.

Copy of pic tag

It’s a scented formula but not in the common sweet scent. It’s reminiscent of a perfume which I don’t like for a lip scent!! When it’s going on my lips I’d much rather have a sweet food scent or none at all

The lipstick itself is super pigmented enough to go on bold in one swipe, so I have to be super careful with it when applying and swipe off all the excess on the flat applicator. It dries fairly fast with a thin layer.


One dried, it doesn’t transfer onto mugs and stuff. I eat habitually in ways to avoid messing up my lipstick so I can’t say this for everyone, but it lasted through lunch just fine for me. It did begin to fade a little about 8 hours into wear. In total, it lasted over 10 hours on my lips. It felt a little drying but I think that’s to be expected after that long, and once it was off, my lips didn’t feel too dry and a bit of lip care helped a lot. It needed my oil based remover to come off so it’s not for anyone who wants to go to bed quickly!

As for the novelty glitter aspect, I’m not sure it fully sold me on that. When I pressed my lips together, not much glitter showed when I was expecting to be at least a little wowed. I was not expecting glitter at the levels of Ciate but I was expecting something akin to a metallic lipstick and still didn’t get it. Perhaps it’s just hit and miss.


Overall, I like this but I’m still a little disappointed. I might keep this lipstick to wear without the glitter aspect but then like, what’s the point, right?

Have you tried any of the glitter-flipping lipsticks?

Until next time,


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