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[Review] Glossier Stretch Concealer

As part of a recent birthday haul, I made a small order from Glossier. One item in the package was a repurchase of their Milky Jelly Cleanser, which I love as a gentle second/morning cleanser, and the other item was the Stretch Concealer. I had been meaning to order it earlier but just as I was going to, they revamped their shade range, expanding it to 12 shades. Fab, yes, but a little more hassle finding my shade.

Price: £15
Availability: On the Glossier website, which offers free UK Shipping for orders over £25 (about 2-3 items)

Cruelty-Free? Yes


I ended up picking G11, the equivalent of the old shade Light, which just so happens to be perfect.

My Other Base Matches (ish):

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear in 1W2 Sand (Pretty much perfect in full coverage)
  • Maybelline Eye Eraser in Light (Slightly light but love the yellow tone that makes this workable)
  • Revolution Define and Conceal Concealer in C6 (Lighter, more neutral)
  • IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair

I am a light, neutral-yellow skin tone. Definitely not considered warm although it depends on the tone added to the foundation to make it ‘warm’, and will often get away with neutral-toned makeup. The ‘orange’ or ‘peach’ tones are definitely a no. 

You’re all probably aware of the Glossier aesthetic: light, simple and pink, giving it a lot of Instagram appeal. Many brands have latched onto this since with brands like Saturday Skin and Wow You giving a similar simple white/pink aesthetic to their product design and marketing, making the perfect pink shelfie that much more possible.

Anyway, my point is that their products are a lot of fun to take photos of, as they’re so damn photogenic. The bubble wrap pouches they come with? A fantastic background in a pinch. Of course, also great as travel beauty bags. The Glossier concealer comes in a little glass tub, with the Glossier G embossed on the lid. Simple yet fancy.

The concealer itself is very smooth in texture and feels very light. As it is meant to be applied with fingers that’s what I used. I feel as if my fingers don’t pick up a lot but that is fine. I applied it in pressing motions around my eye and other areas I wanted to conceal. It’s not the most hygienic way of applying makeup though – I did manage to gather some dust in my pot already.

Copy of swatches

It has a soft, dewy finish, and blends into normal, healed and prepped skin very well, looking remarkably like skin, but better. ‘Healed and prepped’ skin are the keywords here, as I found it didn’t blend seamlessly with the drier areas of my blemishes and accentuated my skin in general when it was dry. This wasn’t too noticeable from a normal distance though.

It did, however, smooth pretty well over my larger pores and slightly bumpy areas around my lips. It does gather at my undereye crease eventually if I don’t set it, but otherwise, the creasing is really not that bad as I have seen worse before. It doesn’t cake much at all and never looks overdone.


As you can probably imagine, this concealer is not ideal for people with super oily skin types who desire long wear, and yes, I happen to be an oily skin type. But I’m not particularly disappointed with this product at all. I bought it for a specific scenario in mind, that being those mornings when I am always in a rush to get out of the house and ignore my concealer completely, and then I am dashing off to University for just one lecture before heading to the gym or back home again.

On my skin, it wears fairly well at about 3 hours. After that, it fades a bit around my cheeks, creases a bit more noticeably, and breaks up a little around my lip area. I did try setting a bit with powder, which really didn’t help much as it’s so dewy already. You could try baking although I think that goes against the point of this concealer.

I think that whilst this is designed to at least be workable for many skin types, it is NOT for everyone due to personal preference. Even as an oily skin type I enjoy this for the convenience of speed it offers, and I can overlook the short wear time and use this for short daily outings. It probably won’t be best for broken or dry skin but it’s quite forgiving otherwise, helping to even out skin tone for a quick trip outside.

Let me know if you have tried this and like it!

Until next time,


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