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A 21st Birthday [Mostly Beauty] Haul

So my birthday passed over a month ago but as we all know, this post always goes up late due to later gifts. I’m always grateful for any gifts at all and I’m always so astounded by how much thought went into them! I also did my own treat-myself spree on the weekend of my birthday, so I’ve got lots of new beauty items!!

So, without further ado…

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and Stretch Concealer in G11

This is a repurchase for the cleanser as I finished my last bottle, but I have been really wanting to try out the concealer. Just before I meant to buy it, they overhauled their shade range from 5 to 12 shades meaning I had to spend another week figuring out which shade was mine, but in the end, I went for the shade that matched Light, which is what I would have gotten in the old shade range. So it ended up being G11. As this post goes out the review has already gone up, which you can check out here!!

RMS Un-Cover Up Concealer in 11.5 

A supposed more expensive version of the Stretch Concealer, I wasn’t initially going to buy this (I was aiming for the Luminizer) but someone was reselling theirs on for a very nice price so I nabbed it, very fast.

Well… that was too good to be true. Lightly used? LOL that pot was DRY. I literally could not salvage it. Oh well, I should have seen that coming and I’m still salty, but in the bin it goes…


It Cosmetics CC Cream in Light & Fair 

Again, I bought this off a reseller who tried Light and found out their shades didn’t match. Again, I jumped the gun on this one as it’s also too dark on me, but I do really like the formula so I got matched properly at Selfridges then, after payday, bought Light at Boots with student discount!

Elrastory UV Shield Centella Sun SPF50+ PA++++ 

I need a new non-matte sunscreen backup, and I went hunting, and this seemed like the nicest option. Fingers crossed that I like it as sunscreens can be SO hit-and-miss.

Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer Volume 

My last tube is running out and I decided I couldn’t really go without this stuff. Thanks to this, any mascara issues are a thing of the past. I sort of wish they did a lightly tinted version of this, but then again if I did I may as well get a regular mascara, right?

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour in Babe

You know I’m obsessed with a lip product when I run out and buy more! (looking at you, Clinique Pop Lip Colours, NARS Velvet Lip Pencils and Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets!) I just really like the sheer yet still quite bold formula. I have my eye on a third shade before I review them all at once…


No-Filter Concealer in Light 10
Creme Gel Liner in Brew-Haha
Brow Boss Gel in Soft Black
Super Shock Shadow in DGAF

Zoella launched a new collection with Colourpop on the 27th Feb, and to celebrate they had 48h of free international shipping! So I picked up some bits and bobs I had been wanting to try recently. I didn’t pick up any Zoella items though as I am not really a fan of her. I keep up with what she’s doing (as some of it is good!) but generally don’t support her ventures after she put her name on a ghost-written novel (which, as a writer by hobby really had me peeved) as well as the advent calendar shenanigans.

Anyway, I’ve tried the concealer which is unfortunately too light for me, but the other three products I am looking forward to trying!

Revolution Pro:
Empty Magnetic Palette
Magnetic Refill Eye Shadows in Tame
Magnetic Face Powder Pans

A lovely gift from The Twins at Uni, they know I’ve been into magnetic custom palettes recently and bought me a customized set! This is going to be wonderful for travel as it’s almost a full face they’ve bought me here – from blush to contour to eye shadow! They added their own shade names to the face products as a fun bonus, which I love, and put it all in a cute Zoeva makeup bag that fit the palette!

Sleek MakeUP Essentially Sleek Gift Set 

Another gift from The Twins, this set was from me wanting more travel sizes for the future. It contains an I-Divine Mini Palette in A New Day, the I’m Conditional Mascara and the Matte Me Lip Cream in Shabby Chic, a mauve pink. I’m excited to give these a try! This set also came with a cute purse which I’m sure I’ll like for stashing emergency lipsticks in when I’m out and about.


My Hero Academia Volumes 1 & 2
Monster Volume 1

I’ve just now realised that my Uni friends do not have blog codenames! So ahem, *Cat* got me a bunch of manga. Everyone knows I love My Hero Academia so I can now finally begin collecting the volumes… if I have space!! I also got a volume of Monster, a manga about a surgeon and a serial killer, which I apparently put on my reading list and forgot about… I’m glad I have it now and can start reading it before I forget!

Billy Showell’s Botanical Painting in Watercolour

This was from my siblings as a joint present. It’s a fantastic guide book recommended by of the instagram artists that I follow, and while it focuses on plants and even features sections on taking care of them for art purposes, it features a stunning range of techniques to produce velvety to shiny effects in a lot of detail that can be applied to other kinds of drawings. I hope it will give me encouragement to paint in watercolour again, as I have really neglected my art.


Song of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury

Confession: I haven’t read the first book in this series, State of Sorrow, yet. But I really couldn’t help but add this to a wishlist when it was announced the second book was getting magic sprayed edges, leading to this twitter exchange. My boyfriend decided to gift this to me, and I am super grateful. The covers for this duology are absolutely stunning.

The cover is glorious as is and the plot doesn’t really sound like anything I’ve read before, so I can’t wait to read it.


Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

One of a handful of gifts from Q, this one probably came about from a conversation about Glossier’s new dual oil/micellar cleanser, Milky Oily Cleanser. I was talking about how I preferred cleansers that didn’t need cotton rounds, including my newfound love and acceptance of oil cleansing. So this is probably a good cleanser to start me off after using my Muji travel size oil cleanser!

Real Techniques Miracle Blotting Cushions

A supposed dupe of the BeautyBlender Blotterazi, this set of cushions claims to blot, apply powder and essentially serve as a replacement cushion puff. We’ll see about that! I like getting the cushion puffs with a handle on them like the ones supplied in cushion foundations, but this is the closest western equivalent as far as I know.

BeautyPro Thermotherapy Warming Gold Foil Mask

As mentioned, I have a little big stash for someone who rarely uses sheet masks so this will be a fun treat. Especially the self-warming part which really has me quite curious as to how this will turn out!

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen-Coat Mascara

Another one for the mascara stash!! Not one I would have picked out normally but I haven’t tried any items from their makeup range yet as far as I can remember, possibly apart from the Supercat liner. So I am looking forward to trying this.

Avo-Cardio Water Bottle

M is my new gym buddy, which has forced me to look up actual workouts and learn how to use some of the weight machines at the gym. I’ve managed to go at least twice a week for a month now which is amazing! Anyway, she also gifted me a box of Thornton chocolates. I had a Lindor last week for the first time in weeks and then I started really missing chocolates so this was well-timed, haha!


Lamora Eye Brush Set

I needed new eye brushes!! I especially should stop stealing my mom’s and find a new fluffy blending brush, and these seem super promising. These come in sizes for blending, shading and small details, too.

Superdrug Bath Fizzers
Pink Alpaca Plushie

From S, who didn’t know I don’t take baths, but it’s okay! I’ll take a bath just to use these, which are cute! I’ll probably keep the container for storing other cute things, if I need to! The notebook  and plushie are cute ones to add to my collection, too!! There was also a cute candy pizza box full of sweets arranged like a pizza!

Pikachu Plush
Pokemon Cookbook

These are from Mo, who knows I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, although I was slow to catch on because I haven’t played the 3DS games of the series (sorry Mo!). The Pokemon cookbook is full of ideas I could actually try at home, so I’ll be sure to give them a try when I have free time. I especially love the look of the desserts…!

That… was everything! (lots of crying face emojis inserted here) Thank you so much to everyone who gifted me something and everyone who made my birthday special!!





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