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[Review] Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin

Lately, I’ve surprisingly been really into a glossy lid look, but I didn’t really want to do it myself. The idea of actual eye gloss… on my eyelids… doesn’t actually sound fun.

When Q gifted me this for Christmas I initially was a little skeptical because I’ve used other eyeshadow pencil type products and not been too impressed at all. But after experimenting with it a little, I like it a lot!

Eyeko has three Fat Eye Sticks in three classic shades – Satin, the shimmery cool shade I have, Gilt, a metal brown, and Smoke, a deep grey-black.

Price: £9
Availability: LookFantastic, Eyeko UK.

Cruelty-Free? Yes!


I’ve previously tried Eyeko’s Sport Mascara which I liked, as their fat and skinny pen eyeliners which didn’t impress me very much. So to me they’re a brand with promise, because eyeliners are a very hard category to impress me with anyway.

Despite being labelled as ‘intense colour, glossy finish’, this particular stick is not that intense to me. It might be because of the shimmery formula that actually makes it look more sheer even though the product lays down evenly and smoothly.

However, I will say that it does live up to the ‘glossy’ side well enough for me. It’s not the same as actually using a gloss, but it gives a delightfully natural sheen to the lids when used by itself, which is how I like to use it most. Even if I don’t use it over the whole lid, I’ll swipe a bit on the inner crevice of my eyes and it catches the light in a cool, yet natural way. The fat pencil shape is perfect for this, too.

Copy of Copy of swatches (2)

I found that wear didn’t matter so much with this product as it’s so natural-looking, but it did move around a little and crease, and did definitely fade throughout the day. Not enough to bother me, though. If I was going out all day, I’d put on an eye primer which made the creasing less evident and lasting power a bit better, but when it did go eventually I was not fussed.

Overall, Q has unexpectedly given me something I love yet again~!! The Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin happens to fit my new makeup mood of experimenting with less matte finishes.

Until next time!


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