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[Beauty & Chatter] London Day 1|Epik High at the Electric Ballroom

About a month ago, I went to London for a night to see Epik High perform at the Electric Ballroom. My boyfriend and I were planning to visit London anyway for our one-year anniversary, so we moved the trip and made an extended date out of it! I’ll be sharing bits and bobs here, talking about the beauty and the other side of things too.

Anyway! Since my last travel bag to Bristol, I’ve accumulated more single items that are better for travel but also more steps in my routine overall.

I have been watching Matilda’s videos again as she’s an avid traveler who has her packing down to a tee! However, things are a bit different for me as unlike her, I have oily skin and I rely a lot on powders as they stay on my face a lot better, so I have more brushes and related items in my bag, and no multi-tasking products. Also, I am only going for one night away as opposed to Matilda’s months of travelling, although I have definitely taken notes for the future so I can shake off my overpacking tendencies!

We set off quite early as we wanted time to be able to check into our hotel as well as eat some food before lining up in the queue at the venue. I wore only my morning skincare, curled my lashes, and popped on a lipstick. I did the rest of my makeup once we were at the hotel.

We spent the train ride watching some episodes of Ainori: Love Wagon that I had downloaded on Netflix. It’s a Japanese dating show set in places across Southeast Asia where the participants aim to go home as a couple. Think a travel Love Island, but less trashy. (If you want trashy, I recommend Rea(L)ove!)

Evening Makeup:

I had decanted all the Estee Lauder Double Wear I had left into a two small tubs, so I just brought along one of them for my base. I know it will last reliably all day if I need it to. I have some pretty prominent blemishes at the moment but I’m not fussed about entirely covering it all.

I use a mist spray to dampen a cushion puff, which I then use to blend it out. I think sponges are a bit bulky so this is a nice alternative. I am using a mix of water and Muji Moist Essence Lotion (essentially fancy rosewater toner) in a spray bottle. I’ve still yet to hit pan on my Soap n Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder, so that was my main powder for the night. I’ve actually been using powders a lot less recently and passing off my oil for ~glow~. It’s working, I think…

I am using the Colourpop Boss Brow Gel in Soft Black for my brows.

Of course, I took my trusty Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer to keep my eyeshadow crease-free. I also took my small magnetic travel palette with a blush, contour, and eyeshadow pans from Revolution Pro and one depotted from Primark.

Copy of Copy of pic tag (2)
A collection of the products I used. 

Due to its awkward size, the Shu Uemura lash curler does take up a bit of room, but I could not go without this! I’ve become accustomed to having my eyelashes curled as a minimum along with lipstick and skincare on a daily basis. For this special night out, though, Heroine Make’s Long & Curl Mascara was my choice – it doesn’t need a primer and holds a curl like a legend, but it needs its own remover as otherwise, it’d never come off! It’s actually not super bold-looking but I don’t mind that.

For eyeliner, I am taking the NYX Epic Ink Liner for that classic wing. These take up very little room so no problem bringing these.

The most K-Pop related lipstick I now own is MAC Lee Hi, a limited-edition beautiful deep red, so it was the one I wore that night.

All of this, I managed to fit in a Zoeva makeup bag that isn’t by any means small, but fits everything with lots of room to spare! I didn’t actually get a nice selfie for this look, but it looks pretty similar to what I wore to G-Dragon’s concert in Birmingham. 

EPIK1 (1)

Tablo of Epik High performing.

EPIK1 (2)

Mithra Jin of Epik High performing.

Evening Skincare

My Muji Cleansing Oil Mini gets most of the makeup off my face, and emulsifies quickly and nicely. The only downside is that it does temporarily blur my vision if I go too hard on my lashes but this time, I have a separate lash remover. I had a sample of the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser for a second cleanse.

I purchased a Muji set of attached tiny cream tubs which resemble contact lens cases but in a set of three which is great for those of us with longer routines. It also means I don’t have to worry as much about losing the tub. In my containers, I have smidgens of the Hada Labo Premium Emulsion, Holika Holika Good Cera Emulsion, and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. 

My skincare came along in a Glossier pink pouch, and fit everything so it was ideal!


Epik High having a chat between songs.

EPIK1 (3)
Epik High’s opening performance in London. 

The actual show was a whirlwind of hype. The setlist was not what I was expecting. Of course, there wasn’t room for all their best hits PLUS their amazing b-side tracks, and there wasn’t even room for all the songs from their new EP, “Sleepless in __________!” But I was surprised they omitted some classics like “Umbrella”, and kept their setlist high energy with upbeat tracks like “High Technology”, “Kill This Love” and “Fan”.

I was way too short to see much – I didn’t realise there were so many VIP and Super Early Entry tickets available (I got Early Entry) and thought I would be closer to the front. I was still able to get a great view if there weren’t too many people in the way, though. My boyfriend, tall as he is, had a much better time but also caught all the water that was thrown around during the show! But anyway, we had lots of fun. It was his first live show, too.

After the show was over, we picked up McDonald’s, as is routine now it seems for a gig in London (not many places are open late at night) and we filled ourselves up in bed. It was a lovely and cosy end to the evening.

Next time, I’ll write about the day after! We visited some cafes and museums before heading home!

Until then,


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