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Review: Urban Decay Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick and Lipliner in 1993

Today I have a new review. I had this lipstick on me for ages before I finally took it out to try. I bought this set on a boxing day mini haul two years ago or something, just before I decided to ban myself from any lipstick purchases for a year. This came in a set with the lip liner (not pictured… Because I kind of forgot about it during this photoshoot!)

Price: £17.50
Availability: Online at their official store and online stores like lookfantastic, and offline at department stores like Debenhams and Selfridges.
Cruelty-Free? Yes, but the company is owned by L’Oreal who do test on animals.

I love the packaging, its shiny and so cool, and reflects really nicely in the light. The embossed logos on the lids and bullet are a lovely detail.

The shade itself is a comfort Matte in the shade 1993. It’s very comfortable. The closest in the stash to this is MAC Whirl, and I have to say they’re very similar. 1993 is lighter though and more comfortable than Whirl, but it’s also not super matte and long wearing if that is a deal breaker for you. As I have not been a fan of matte as of late, I really like this lipstick.

Overall I don’t think I’d buy it again although that’s a cheat as I don’t rebuy makeup often at all and never finish lipsticks! But if you’ve been wanting a Whirl type brown in a comfy format, this is the way to go. This kind of brown is pretty popular these days and I’m sure there’s a lot of dupes for this shade. It’s a wonderful choice for everyday wear.

What do you think of this shade? Do you own anything similar?

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