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[Reflection] My Second Year at University

I’m not actually sure where to start with this post – it feels like it’s been a really long year and yet I don’t actually remember much of it.

Starting academically, it’s been a lot tougher – I found the first year really manageable considering my workload and other activities, but it’s been incredibly difficult to keep up that same pace this year.

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My depression has also been back in spurts this year, which hasn’t been nice. I can’t control the timing of my episodes and had been fairly episode-free during the first year, so I didn’t predict being completely sad, unfocused and unmotivated in the few weeks running up to my (one!!) course-related exam in January. That exam was worth half a module, and I’m very lucky that my coursework in the other half made up the difference meaning I will not have to retake it. My summer is kind of packed as it is without revising for it.

It’s conflicting because I really do want to be pushing myself over the course of my time at university and definitely managed that to a good extent last year but my limits have changed as well so I can’t push myself as much without burning out. I went to all the society gatherings I could manage last year but towards the end, I barely went. I went to almost every lecture last year, and struggled with that this year. I had two part-time jobs last year on top of it all, and had to quit one of them a few months into second year.

I tried to fit in the gym as well this year and that helped in some ways but also made the tiredness worse.

IMG_8136 (2).JPG

The other main part of my year was searching for a placement for third year. That part actually turned out okay. By February-ish, I had a summer placement as a research assistant lined up which I have actually started as of typing, and I had also been accepted to study at Korea University in Seoul! I had been worrying about finding work-related experience whilst wanting to visit one of my dream locations, so this arrangement was perfect. I do worry that I’m not doing enough to catch up to others and improve my future prospects – I think the opportunity to do a placement is invaluable and I can’t imagine deciding not to it! That said, it’s also fine if it’s not for everyone.

The process of applying to study abroad is really long, though, which I didn’t expect. Lots of things need to be organised and done in advance and without appropriate notice, the whole thing can threaten to fall through. It’s been a little stressful waiting for other things I can’t control but, hopefully, I can sort out the last of what needs to be done – I also haven’t been able to spare time to learn Korean which I clearly need to do soon.

The last main thing that I think I want to address is friends, because I did mention being worried about it during my first year. I’m glad to say I’ve found a crew of friends I adore over the last two years, and I love them lots. We even all sat down to watch Nintendo’s E3 announcements live together, which was so much fun. I think for me, having shared interests isn’t essential for friendship, but it really helps in my case just because a lot of my own interests are kind of specific.

IMG_8136 (2).JPG

Finally, this year’s designated summer hobby is streaming games! I felt that it would be a good way to connect with my friends and siblings whilst I am in Seoul, the only main issue being the time difference. If the blog seems dead or sporadic, that might be why.

You might know that when I started this blog, I didn’t have many people I could talk to, so I talked to myself using this blog, which hasn’t taken off much and I always forget to promote. I’m still very proud of this blog and it’s the first thing I will point out when it comes to my content creation. I wanted to branch out, but videos seemed like a pretty far leap, and deciding to stream was a natural decision.

At the moment, you can catch me a few nights a week (usually 8pm-11pm GMT) on Twitch. This will definitely change once I move to Seoul though!

Anyway, I’ll leave it here. I’m going to try and schedule some posts this summer, but I can’t promise anything as I’m busy with placement, part-time work and preparing for next year!

Until next time,




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